Finally to your own sauna: A loan makes it possible

A sauna ensures pure relaxation and relaxation. So it is certainly not surprising that many people want to get such a “wellness oasis” in their own four walls. However, not only the costs for the sauna itself, but also for their installation must be included. So it often comes quite quickly to a not to be despised sum that you can not always apply easily. With the help of a loan, however, it is possible to fulfill the dream of having a sauna in your own home.

Why a sauna?

A private sauna offers a whole range of advantages. This includes, for example, that it is not necessary to keep to opening hours and that the sauna does not have to be shared with strangers.

For regular Saunagänger worth the installation of a sauna in your own four walls. So it is no longer necessary to take the time to first visit a suitable, nearby wellness center, spa or similar. In addition to the pure travel costs you also save the often not to be despised entrance fees here. In addition, the private sauna is always open, so it is no longer necessary to keep to any opening hours. Furthermore, your own sauna is always open and is not closed due to overcrowding.

The sauna can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night, on workdays, public holidays or weekends. This in turn is possible at home alone or with family members and friends; So you do not have to sit together with strangers. Even the temperature and humidity, whether an infusion is carried out or not, can be determined here completely alone.

In addition, a sauna additionally increases the value of your own home, which is not insignificant, for example, in any sale.

Accordingly, a private sauna offers a whole range of advantages that speak for themselves.


The cost of a sauna is very different. For example, a cheaper model that will be installed by itself will be enough for about 2,000 euros. In an upscale version without self-construction, however, there are the 10,000 euros.

For example, sauna costs vary and vary depending on size, material, quality and features. It also plays an important role, whether you build the sauna itself and installed or whether this work is performed by a professional.

A cheap sauna, in the construction of which one even “hands on” beats, for example, with 2,000 euros to book. On the other hand, if you decide on a model in the mid-price range, you have to expect around 3,000 to 4,000 euros. If you are interested in an upscale version that is installed by a specialist, you must charge your account with approximately 7,000 to 10,000 euros.

Take credit for a sauna?

With a loan exactly the sauna can be bought, which one wishes. After all, this is an investment that will benefit a long time and increase the value of the home.

The amount on the current account is often not enough to the sauna finance. In addition, that one might not necessarily want to attack the whole, one’s own savings or that this simply is not enough for the desired sauna. In these cases, a loan can remedy the situation.

With the help of a loan, it is possible to choose exactly the sauna that you personally prefer. Such an investment is worthwhile, because a sauna can be used for many years to decades, so you have a long time something of it. In addition, as mentioned above, this increases the value of the house.

Accordingly, a loan is a very good option to fulfill the dream of a sauna and wonderful relaxation in your own home.

installment loan

The dream of having your own sauna can be realized with a classic installment loan. Here, the loan amount agreed in the contract is simply paid in constant, monthly installments.

As an ideal way of getting your own sauna, a classic installment loan is ideal. This makes the borrower very flexible and is not exposed to unpleasant surprises.

The desired loan amount as well as the term and the monthly contributions are negotiable to a certain extent with the bank . For the credit allocation a fixed, regular income is just as essential as a positive inquiry with the Schufa as well as a good credit rating. Furthermore, the banks usually also require a German checking account as well as a German residence.

Since an installment loan is a discretionary loan, the loan, as the name implies, does not have to be used for a specific purpose. So it is feasible, for example, not only to install the sauna, but also possibly also a shower system or something similar.

Some banks also offer additional benefits, such as special repayments and the option to suspend a rate. If this is not the case with the “own” bank, it is worthwhile to specifically ask for it. The additional benefits provide some benefits to the borrower.

For example, by paying a special repayment, it is possible to reduce the contractually agreed loan amount and, on the other hand, interest rates are also minimized. If no special repayment has been agreed in the contract and the borrower nevertheless wishes to make such a payment, then a so-called prepayment penalty must be paid for this. This is a fee levied by the banks, as they lose interest income through the early, partial repayment of the loan amount. In such a case, it is absolutely advisable to clarify the amount of the prepayment penalty before transferring a special repayment and to calculate well whether the payment is still worthwhile.

The suspension of a monthly installment, as contractually agreed by the bank, can be of great help in an emergency. If, for example, the car suddenly has to go to the workshop, the repair costs can be paid without the credit possibly being endangered. In the following month, the payment of the monthly installment will then continue as before. However, the bank should be informed in good time that this benefit is used. Because only in this way it is clear for the bank that the contract-agreed rate-suspension claimed and not a payment is denied.