Installment loan rescheduling – it’s so easy to save!

Like many other Germans, you have certainly made good intentions for the coming year. If your plans include finally organizing your finances and putting aside a little more money each month, we have a tip for you: Take advantage of the current low-interest rate consumer credit environment and owe an existing debt on a new, installment loan around! Especially with credit agreements that were closed more than three years ago, the savings potential can be great, as interest rates on installment loans have dropped significantly since then. Consumers who pay their loans today at the interest rates they pay in the past, therefore, give the bank a lot of money each month.

Repay old installment loan now – save money next year

In order to determine which interest rate you would pay when taking a current loan, only the outstanding loan amount and the desired duration in a free credit calculator must be entered – the interest rates offered by different banks for such a rescheduling calculates the calculator within a few moments for you.

The savings that you can make each month by rescheduling an old loan for a new loan at current terms equals the difference in future interest payments on both loans. In order to determine this amount, it only has to be calculated how high the interest payments would be that would be due from today for the complete repayment of the old loan. From this amount, the interest costs are deducted, which are due when receiving and repayment of a corresponding new loan on current terms.

Prepayment penalty can reduce savings

The interest savings that you can achieve by rescheduling the old loan for a new loan may be reduced by a fee that the old bank demands for early loan repayment: the early repayment penalty. Depending on the maturity of the old liability, the Bank has the right to charge a premature repayment of the loan in the amount of 0.5 or one percent of the outstanding debt . In this way, the money house wants to compensate for the interest rate loss caused by the early repayment of the loan. In most cases, the savings exceed by lower interest payments, the amount of the early repayment and the borrower can by a credit remortgage save a lot of money.

Finally to your own sauna: A loan makes it possible

A sauna ensures pure relaxation and relaxation. So it is certainly not surprising that many people want to get such a “wellness oasis” in their own four walls. However, not only the costs for the sauna itself, but also for their installation must be included. So it often comes quite quickly to a not to be despised sum that you can not always apply easily. With the help of a loan, however, it is possible to fulfill the dream of having a sauna in your own home.

Why a sauna?

A private sauna offers a whole range of advantages. This includes, for example, that it is not necessary to keep to opening hours and that the sauna does not have to be shared with strangers.

For regular Saunagänger worth the installation of a sauna in your own four walls. So it is no longer necessary to take the time to first visit a suitable, nearby wellness center, spa or similar. In addition to the pure travel costs you also save the often not to be despised entrance fees here. In addition, the private sauna is always open, so it is no longer necessary to keep to any opening hours. Furthermore, your own sauna is always open and is not closed due to overcrowding.

The sauna can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night, on workdays, public holidays or weekends. This in turn is possible at home alone or with family members and friends; So you do not have to sit together with strangers. Even the temperature and humidity, whether an infusion is carried out or not, can be determined here completely alone.

In addition, a sauna additionally increases the value of your own home, which is not insignificant, for example, in any sale.

Accordingly, a private sauna offers a whole range of advantages that speak for themselves.


The cost of a sauna is very different. For example, a cheaper model that will be installed by itself will be enough for about 2,000 euros. In an upscale version without self-construction, however, there are the 10,000 euros.

For example, sauna costs vary and vary depending on size, material, quality and features. It also plays an important role, whether you build the sauna itself and installed or whether this work is performed by a professional.

A cheap sauna, in the construction of which one even “hands on” beats, for example, with 2,000 euros to book. On the other hand, if you decide on a model in the mid-price range, you have to expect around 3,000 to 4,000 euros. If you are interested in an upscale version that is installed by a specialist, you must charge your account with approximately 7,000 to 10,000 euros.

Take credit for a sauna?

With a loan exactly the sauna can be bought, which one wishes. After all, this is an investment that will benefit a long time and increase the value of the home.

The amount on the current account is often not enough to the sauna finance. In addition, that one might not necessarily want to attack the whole, one’s own savings or that this simply is not enough for the desired sauna. In these cases, a loan can remedy the situation.

With the help of a loan, it is possible to choose exactly the sauna that you personally prefer. Such an investment is worthwhile, because a sauna can be used for many years to decades, so you have a long time something of it. In addition, as mentioned above, this increases the value of the house.

Accordingly, a loan is a very good option to fulfill the dream of a sauna and wonderful relaxation in your own home.

installment loan

The dream of having your own sauna can be realized with a classic installment loan. Here, the loan amount agreed in the contract is simply paid in constant, monthly installments.

As an ideal way of getting your own sauna, a classic installment loan is ideal. This makes the borrower very flexible and is not exposed to unpleasant surprises.

The desired loan amount as well as the term and the monthly contributions are negotiable to a certain extent with the bank . For the credit allocation a fixed, regular income is just as essential as a positive inquiry with the Schufa as well as a good credit rating. Furthermore, the banks usually also require a German checking account as well as a German residence.

Since an installment loan is a discretionary loan, the loan, as the name implies, does not have to be used for a specific purpose. So it is feasible, for example, not only to install the sauna, but also possibly also a shower system or something similar.

Some banks also offer additional benefits, such as special repayments and the option to suspend a rate. If this is not the case with the “own” bank, it is worthwhile to specifically ask for it. The additional benefits provide some benefits to the borrower.

For example, by paying a special repayment, it is possible to reduce the contractually agreed loan amount and, on the other hand, interest rates are also minimized. If no special repayment has been agreed in the contract and the borrower nevertheless wishes to make such a payment, then a so-called prepayment penalty must be paid for this. This is a fee levied by the banks, as they lose interest income through the early, partial repayment of the loan amount. In such a case, it is absolutely advisable to clarify the amount of the prepayment penalty before transferring a special repayment and to calculate well whether the payment is still worthwhile.

The suspension of a monthly installment, as contractually agreed by the bank, can be of great help in an emergency. If, for example, the car suddenly has to go to the workshop, the repair costs can be paid without the credit possibly being endangered. In the following month, the payment of the monthly installment will then continue as before. However, the bank should be informed in good time that this benefit is used. Because only in this way it is clear for the bank that the contract-agreed rate-suspension claimed and not a payment is denied.

Application and expiry of an annuity loan

The annuity loan is generally considered to be a classic type of financing when buying a property. This is mainly due to the fact that such a loan, because of its constant, monthly installments, very clear and thus easy to plan. But how exactly an annuity loan is requested and how it runs, there is often confusion.


The process of an annuity loan is usually the same:

1. Select a loan offer : First of all, a favorable loan offer is sought. Care should be taken to ensure that the credit institutions contacted in this regard notify a condition inquiry and not a credit inquiry to the Schufa. Because while the latter is stored there, this is not the case with a condition query.

2. In order for the bank to be able to make an individual loan offer, it is necessary to provide not only the planned financing amount but also its own financial background. Once that has happened, which is a credit institution to assess a corresponding thereto borrowing rate.

3. The next step is to fix the interest rate commitment. Here, the borrower usually has the choice between a different number of years. For example, debit interest rates of ten or even 15 years are typical. It should be noted that the interest rate commitment can not be changed during the agreed term . Accordingly, it is useful, for example, in a low-interest phase, to select a very long debit interest rate, while in times of high interest rates, it is advisable to recommend a shorter binding time; if it is foreseeable that interest rates will again be lower in the future and will not rise even higher.

4. Amortization : Just as important as the question of interest rate maintenance is the question of the amount of the repayment installment. It should be carefully considered how high the repayment should be in the first year of loan repayment.

As a rule, one percent is started here. Much better, however, is to agree at the beginning on an annual repayment of approximately two or three percent.

The reason for this is simple: the higher the initial repayment rate, the faster the remaining loan debt will be repaid and the less interest paid over the next few years. However, the eradication or the entire monthly rate should of course still be easily affordable.

5. Then you have to determine the monthly rate. In addition to the loan amount, the borrowing rate and the initial repayment rate also plays here repayment term an important role.

However, it is quite easy to calculate which installment can be handled without problems during the month. So it is best to create a so-called budget before the bank conversation. In this all regular and irregular expenditure of a month are deducted from the respective revenue. The resulting sum is at your own disposal and can therefore also be used to repay the loan .

However, it is advisable not to use the full amount for loan repayment. After all, it can happen that you suddenly need a larger sum in one month, which then has to be present. This is the case, for example, when the old refrigerator refuses service and it is therefore necessary to buy a new appliance.

6. Before the annuity loan is definitely completed, you should also ask for other special services; if the bank does not already respond to this on its own initiative.

For example, some banks offer the possibility of free special repayments. In this way, in addition to the actual monthly installment, it is possible to make partial payments that reduce the loan debt and thus generate less interest.

However, a variable repayment rate can be very practical, which is generally adaptable to one’s own financial situation.

Similarly, suspending a monthly installment in an emergency can often be quite a relief.

7. After everything has been clarified with the bank, you will receive a confirmation of financing or a financing commitment from the bank, so that there is no longer any obstacle to buying the desired property .

8. The acquisition of the house or the condominium is then completely settled by a notary and the buyer is registered as the respective owner in the land register.


The existing equity should cover at least the purchase costs.

With real estate financing, most banks also require that equity be available at a certain level. Usually this is required here that the amount is at least sufficient to cover the purchase costs, such as notary and land registry.

However, this does not necessarily have to be cash. For example, it is also possible to bring in a life insurance policy or a home savings contract.

In general, the higher the share of equity, the lower the loan amount will be and correspondingly less interest will have to be paid.


If it is not possible to meet the various requirements, for example, a guarantor or a second borrower can help.

However, in order for an annuity loan to be sought, it is essential that the applicant meets the various requirements of the banks. In addition to a secure, regular income, this also includes a good credit rating and a positive Schufa information. Furthermore, the prospective borrower must be of legal age. Likewise, a high value is usually placed on a German residence and a German checking account.

However, if it is not possible for the applicant to meet the various requirements, it is not essential to refrain from borrowing immediately.

In such a case, it is either advisable to involve a second borrower or even a guarantor. If the respective person fulfills the various bank requirements, then it is generally no longer a problem to receive the annuity loan.

However, the guarantor or the second borrower must be fully aware that if the actual borrower is unable to pay the monthly installments, he or she will be liable. This means that he has to take over or pay the entire remaining loan debt.


An annuity loan benefits from various advantages, such as a high level of planning security.

An annuity loan offers two major advantages to borrowers. This includes above all the high planning reliability of the loan. So it is already known to the applicant at the conclusion of the financing contract, how high the monthly rate fails, which must be paid regularly in the next few years. There are no surprises here.

In addition, it is possible for an annuity loan for a certain time, to agree a fixed debit interest. Thus, the interest rate during this period always remains the same and does not change.

Installment Loan: Financing for self-employed still difficult

Like other clients, self-employed people often need credit, for example, to handle short-term expenses or pay urgent bills. While workers in these cases can simply apply for installment credit from their bank, the situation for the self-employed is often difficult. Often, applications must be reviewed in the longer term before a credit decision can be taken. An interesting alternative is installment loans, where an employee, such as a spouse, acts as principal borrower. Self-employed persons act as second borrowers in these cases. In spouses or civil partnerships so can the desired loan despite being self-employed.

Installment loans for the self-employed often difficult

People who are self-employed usually do not earn a fixed income but fluctuate income. The amount of income here depends on the season, but also on supply and customer demand. Sometimes days or weeks go by without any significant income, but shortly thereafter the revenue gushes. For the banks such a variable income situation is associated with relatively high risks, because if the revenue can not be achieved as planned, rates of arrears risk. The later dunning procedure and a possible write-off of the loan amount causes comparatively high costs. For this reason, many banks rather reject installment loans for the self-employed and refer to the credit options in the area of commercial financing. Here then everyone must credit individually have insurance or a mortgage are hedged.

The conditions for lending to the self-employed

Like any other professional group, self-employed persons, freelancers and tradespeople also have to fulfill requirements in order to be able to apply for a loan. If these are not fulfilled, the application must be rejected. Of course, the most important requirement is a secure income from self-employment. Only with this can the monthly installments for the desired loan be financed. But also a positive Schufa- information should be present, because I show her petitioner, the previous obligations were fully and punctually served.

The conditions for self-employment for a loan :

  • Self-employment must exist for at least three years
  • Business needs to carry itself
  • Monthly surpluses to finance the loan must be available
  • positive Schufa information

In general, the requirements for lending to the self-employed are no greater than for any other professional group. Experienced bank advisors also oversee the financial situation of applicants quite quickly and can thus make a credit decision within a few days.

The commercial financing for the self-employed

A good way to finance projects, have self-employed through the commercial financing. This is offered by local banks and savings banks and can not usually be done online. In the context of these financings self-employed persons can fall back to the following offers:

  • Working capital loan as overdraft on the business account
  • Investment financing with long maturities
  • Financing through leasing offers

The financing for the self-employed differentiates between different types of credit. With the working capital loan, customers can have their bank grant the possibility of an overdraft. The amount of the loan is based on the account turnover and can amount to several thousand euros. In the case of investment financing, however, self-employed persons require extensive documentation on their financial circumstances. To be submitted are economic evaluations, balance sheets and profit and loss statements. Based on this data, the bank can determine which rate is acceptable and grant a corresponding credit. Characteristic of this form of financing is the granting of collateral . This can be life and pension insurance, but also mortgages on real estate are conceivable. Leasing financing is available as a third financing option for the self-employed. Both cars and machines are then leased at a monthly rate, so to speak, rented. However, such financing can only be provided if business operations are positive.

The self-employed must secure loans

Since the income situation of many self-employed persons is rather difficult, banks usually only grant loans , if appropriate securities can be made available. Land charges as well as the pledging of bank or insurance assets are eligible as collateral.

These securities can be provided by self-employed persons:

  • Assignment of life or pension insurance claims
  • Pledging credits on banks or building societies
  • Land charges on private or commercial properties
  • Assignment of storage or business facilities

The security chosen for each financing depends on the size of the loan and its purpose. If, for example, real estate or machines are financed, they will later be used as collateral. They are assigned or assigned and can be sold if the bank does not pay the loan installments. A likewise gladly used possibility of the credit protection is the assignment or pledge of credits. Many self-employed have a life or pension insurance, the surrender values ​​can be used accordingly. A condition for accepting a security is its value, which is checked and calculated by the bank in advance. If collateral is required, the corresponding documents must also be submitted when applying for the loan.

Private financing for self-employed

In addition to business financing, self-employed may also need private financing, such as when their own car needs urgent repair or the home is to be renovated. With such a private financing, many banks are struggling because of the above circumstances. Only a few banks offer installment loans for the self-employed, but often at relatively high interest rates. Here, the higher risks associated with such lending are calculated and billed to the customer. If an installment loan is approved, self-employed individuals can also take advantage of this form of credit:

  • Loan amounts between 1,500 – 25,000 euros
  • Terms individually selectable
  • fixed monthly installment and fixed rates
  • no separate protection

Advance loan offers for the self-employed can be found above all at direct banks on the Internet. Which conditions apply here and which conditions are to be fulfilled for the lending, must be examined individually.

Apply for installment loans together with your spouse or partner

A good alternative to applying for a loan on your own is through loans taken with your spouse or partner. Many banks accept self-employed as a second borrower and then use their income. However, a prerequisite for lending is that the principal borrower has a fixed monthly income from a non-self-employment, ie is an employee. For employees, the credit risk is significantly lower from the bank’s point of view than for self-employed, as they receive monthly income from their employer. Although this can vary slightly, for example at hourly rates, there are no major deviations as with self-employed people. The second borrower serves the banks as a kind of guarantor . Only when the first borrower can no longer pay, the second borrower enters and takes over the rate. Spouses of a non-self-employed and a self-employed can easily borrow and finance their wishes.

Tip: Use the comparison options on the Internet to obtain suitable and affordable financing. Through comparisons, potential savings of a few hundred euros are possible.

Mini loan for the home

This will ensure that the venture is done properly. The prices for this type of mortgage can both float or even go down. Think that help of the internet will find a lender that suits your need.

Like the stock market indices, real estate in selective pockets seem to have shrugged off the 2008 bump and have totaled gains over the last 12 months. Is the price escalation that makes Mumbai more expensive in parts than Manhattan or is that sustainable? This was the subject of a mint clearness through the debate conclave attended by experts from various parts of the real estate industry looking at the common area but through different windows.

Make a proper financial plan that would help you save enough and spend wisely. A mortgage will be a huge fiscal responsibility and its better to get rid of it as soon as possible. So it would be a better idea to eliminate your other debts before opting for a mortgage. Evaluate your expenses properly, prioritize them and save sensibly. The more you save, the bigger your cash payment is and reimbursement will be easier. Any major financial decisions, for example, buying a car, etc., should be kept up to the time you fully repay your loan.

About the mini loan for the house away

The residence must be purchased before 1 December 2009. Since closing on a property can take months if you think about taking advantage of this mini-crack as on, do not hesitate to bring quickly through the final process , could result in costly mistakes. The miniskirt you receive does not have to be repaid as long as you maintain the house as your primary residence for three years. If you sell the residence before the mini-price is deducted from the retail price for three years.

But even if you think that you do not have time to invest in your career, here are 5 tips to use immediately. These are 5 secrets to the masterly narrative art.

Exide Industries’ net profit has risen to Rs crore on the increase in net sales to the restricted loan, which has finished Rs crore in the quarter, March has ended over the quarter of March

And that leads me to my final question: If you can not respond to ‘yes’ to most of those questions in Sections 1 and 2, why not? More importantly, are you satisfied with that?

If you are really low on the money, think about giving vouchers for services to your friends and family. You can offer a free yard rake, removal of Christmas lights, a car wash or a free house cleaning. It’s a gift that shows that you worry if you can not afford to give. If you need some Christmas money, you always have the option of getting a loan online. It is fast and easy without a mini-test. You can only borrow $ 500 and refund it when you get paid. A cash register advance or payday loan can be obtained during the holiday season with the convenience.

Information on the loan application for home purchase

Interim loan, loan slips or short term loans, are all the same grant with different names. At this stage the registration of your property takes place. Lower the interest rate one percent or more.

When you’re trying to sell a home, it’s important that you have an agent. If you do not have an agent, do not come to announce your houses to any realtors. This can cause a delay in selling your much longer home than it has to.

This is a thing you would like to be aware of. Check your credit card limit. People forget to understand how their restriction on their credit card, so they intend to spend too much money on their credit card on the first month. Therefore, the best thing to do is to ask your credit card company to lower your credit card limits.

House sale explained exactly


When you list your home, make sure your cabinets and wall cabinets are free jumble. Potential buyers will open every cabinet and look in every closet. When they see confusion, they often associate it with a house that has not been taken care of. This can turn a buyer off quickly, even if your house is in tip-top shape.

If you answer ‘no’ to many of these questions, then you are not practicing true business planning – even if you have developed a physical business plan document.

Access Restricted Loan Secures, there is easy access to your pool from your home lavatory or entertainment area. You might want to think about how terraces, decks or walkways are set to provide a safe and easy entrance and exit between your home and your pool. Manufacturing added 49,000 positions in January. Job profits have also occurred in durable goods, including motor vehicles and parts (+20,000), fabricated metal products (+13,000), machinery (+10,000), and computer and electronic products (+5,000). Employment in consumer goods manufacturing, which is priced around 13,000, but retail, has risen by 28,000. In order to discourage Neckerdarlehen, RBI has increased its supply for such loan from 0.4% to two%. It has also covered the loan to estimate ratio for mortgages at 80%. For the loan over 75 lakh, the risk weight has been increased to 125%.

A view into the past and today

There has been no planning since 1991 until today, effectively there has been urban zero planning. It has been a major failure of governance, planning and delivery of public goods that there is chronic shortage of housing stock. So, the pricing of the housing stock is way out of the shock.

So, you only borrow an amount that is good within your subsequent paycheque so that you can have more money for other personal purposes during the month. We suggest that you borrow from online contest lenders, which can reduce the interest cost somewhat so that you can save money on interest payments for instant approval bad credit loans.

Payday Loan So About the Sparmethode

Common views on payday loans – that is, non-bank loans – are largely unfair. All because of the bad reputation enjoyed by the shadow banks. Why do not people trust this form of mini-credit? There are mutliple reasons for this. Above all, there are deceptive interest rates and so-called hooks in contracts. However, the popular payday brings several benefits, and the most important thing is – saving money. How effectively can you save money on a payday loan? We advise in today’s text.

It is not worth restricting yourself

In recent years, companies offering short-term loans are shooting like proverbial mushrooms out of the ground. This increases the competition, whose gleaning is the competition. Various aspects play a role in this context – interest, repayment period, special offers and discounts. These are three solid factors that directly affect the supply, so it is profitable. In order to save money effectively on the payday loan, it is first worthwhile to know the shadow banking market well. The comparison of offers – a cool calculation and the consideration of all criteria can contribute significantly to saving a lot of money.

The key role of the doctorate

These companies have many interesting special offers. One of them is the recently popular one – “the first loan in vain”. It is about taking a small loan (up to several thousand zloty) without interest and for a short time. Above all, the purpose of this type of promotion is to gain the trust of the customer and to win him over to his side. More and more companies are offering such kind of attention that we enjoy many of them, while at the same time being able to use the first free loan. – CHANGE FRANKING IN EURO – QUICKLY SAFE AND THE BEST COURSE IN SWITZERLAND


Loan in another currency

Another – also effective way to save money on a small loan – is to have the loan in another currency, and then a good exchange in a currency exchange. Which currencies enjoy the most confidence? This is obviously Eur. And dollars. The controversial Swiss franc also remains high in the listing. Everything depends of course on the courses and bonuses that are offered by online bureaux de change. Taking out a loan in a foreign currency and benefiting from it can not only be an effective form of saving money, but also a considerable income.