Using a loan to fulfill the wish of the garden house

If you have a beautiful garden of a certain size at your disposal, you often dream of having your own garden shed. With a loan, however, it is quite feasible to fulfill this dream.

Which type of loan is the right one?

For the construction of a garden house come, depending on the size and required loan amount, different loans in question. This includes above all:

  • The classic installment loan: With this loan, the borrower simply repays the loaned sum plus interest in monthly installments. This is a loan for free use, so that it is also feasible, for example, after the completion of the garden house of the amount concerned garden furniture or plants to buy.
  • Construction loan: If, on the other hand, a larger garden house is planned, this loan option is eligible. In the case of a construction loan , the borrower generally benefits from favorable conditions, depending on the available collateral. Unlike a classic installment loan, this is a special purpose loan. Thus, the borrowed sum may only be used to build the garden shed.
  • Real estate loan: Similarly, a real estate loan is a good choice for the construction of a larger garden shed. Again, this is a special purpose loan. However, it is possible for such a loan to take out the loan without equity.

Here it is advisable to consult the bank in detail about which type of loan is most suitable for the personal, financial situation.


In order for a loan to be awarded, it is up to the borrower to meet a variety of conditions, such as a good credit rating.

However, for the banks to grant a loan for the construction of a garden shed, a variety of conditions must be met for this purpose. Although these can differentiate depending on the bank , some conditions are usually a “must”.

This includes, for example, the minimum age for a credit application that is from 18 years. In addition, a regular, secure income relationship is essential. But also a good credit rating as well as a positive Schufa information are generally included.

Furthermore, the loan installments must be calculated so that they can be easily coped with from their own income, minus all expenses, without any problems every month.

Generally speaking, the higher the repayment installment, the faster the loan is paid off.

Required Documents

When applying for a loan, various documents, such as proof of income, are required by the banks.

Furthermore, the banks also require the submission of various documents. These include, for example, the bank statements or salary statements for the last two to the months, the identity card and the employment contract. It may also be necessary to provide evidence of life insurance and investments as well as self-disclosure with all relevant data. However, a registration certificate, the income tax card, installment loss insurance, information on any loans that may already be in progress, and any guarantees that may be required are usually also to be shown.

If one counts oneself to the start-up founders, here also often an order of assignment is requested. Such a declaration is a hedge of the funds received from third parties. However, this only applies if the client himself can no longer pay the agreed installment. If you as a founder in possession of such a declaration, it must before loanbe presented Accounts.


Financing through a dealer can be an alternative to a bank loan.

An alternative to a loan from a bank is the financing by a trader. Some companies offer their customers this option when buying a garden shed.

Here, however, it is important to keep your eyes open, because often this variant is more costly than a loan from a bank.

Compare loans

Through a credit comparison, it is usually possible to save a not to be despised amount.

However, even with a bank loan, it is not advisable to simply “strike” at the first offer. For example, it is advisable to ask not only the house bank, but also other local banks and online banks for an offer.

However, care should be taken here that the banks provide a conditional and not a loan request to the bank. Because the latter is stored in the Schufa, so that after a certain number of inquiries, quickly the appearance arises that the loans were all rejected. This in turn leads mostly to rejections and a bad Schufa.

Furthermore, not only the nominal interest rate , but above all the annual percentage rate should be taken into account. Because only the annual percentage rate includes all costs and fees incurred in the context of the loan. Because of this, he also offers quite wonderful for a good comparison of the various offers.

It’s often even possible to save a lot by having a loan comparison. However, one should not be fooled in any case, because even a difference of a few percentage points may already lead to a saving of several hundred euros and more.

Likewise, the term and the rate should be chosen carefully. Ideally, there is a certain amount of “buffer” left, which can be used in an emergency. This is the case, for example, when suddenly the refrigerator strikes and a new device has to be bought.

In order to be able to compare the different credit offers easily and quickly, the use of an online credit comparison is useful. These comparisons are usually free of charge and provide a good overview of the various offers and the associated details. Accordingly, it is hereby relatively quickly possible to opt for a particular offer.


It is by installment, construction and real estate credit feasible to build the desired garden shed. However, various prerequisites must be fulfilled and various documents must be available.

Depending on the size of the garden shed and the amount of loan needed, various types of loans are eligible. Above all, this includes installment, construction and real estate loans.

In order to obtain such a loan from the bank, the borrower not only has to meet the most diverse requirements, but must also submit various documents.

For example, as an alternative to a loan from a bank, it is also feasible to opt for financing from a dealer. However, it is best to look closely, as these offers are often more costly than accepting a bank loan.

It is also advisable to compare the various loan offers well together. Using a free online loan comparison , as we offer it here on , this is usually easy and fast feasible. Attention should be paid to the annual percentage rate of charge, as this already includes all costs incurred. Accordingly, this is a very good comparison factor. Already a few percentage points difference in the various offers can already lead to a high saving.

So nothing stands in the way of building a beautiful garden house.