10 Chic French Women on Their All-Time Favorite Lipstick


A red lip is synonymous with French women and their ambitious style. After all, a touch of crimson on the mouth goes perfectly with a white Chanel LBD or Petit Bateau t-shirt and vintage jeans. But it’s not just a beauty strategy, it’s an attitude. “When I wear lipstick, I instantly feel powerful, fiery and sultry,” Parisian makeup artist Violette says of the look’s transformative allure.

While red lipstick is a classic, it is also intensely individual to the wearer. Trust that every French woman has her tried-and-true signature shade. In honor of July 14, a special day in the hearts of Frenchies and Francophiles, a slew of incredibly stylish Frenchwomen are divulging their all-time favorite lipstick.

Photo: Courtesy of Josephine de La Baume

“I only use lip liners because you can drink, smoke and kiss and nothing happens. They stay! I love the Dior Red Smile 080. It’s creamy yet sticky on the lips, which is rare to find and the color is so vibrant. However, if you kiss someone passionately, make sure you have it in your pocket to reapply afterwards! It sticks……to some extent. Red lips make me feeling like a grown woman. I think that’s what happens when you first try it on when you’re three years old and it feels pretty much the same today!

Dior Contour Lip Liner in 080 Red Smile

Photo: Courtesy of Paola Locatelli


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