2 dogs found dead, stuffed in garbage bags



Two beloved dogs were found dead after being stuffed into trash bags. They were found just days after their owner sent desperate appeals for their safe return via Facebook.

The woman who found the dogs said she had to tell the family that it was their dogs. It was a heartbreaking experience for her. Now this woman is hoping whoever is responsible for this can come forward.

Olivia Bunn says she saw vultures pointing at something. “I had seen a group of vultures flying through the air,” Bunn said.

She said these vultures were pointing at something no one should ever have to see. “There is also still some fur left over from the dogs,” Bunn said.

Two dogs were killed and dumped as garbage along East Terry Street near Bonita Grand Drive in Bonita Springs. “I don’t understand how anyone even has the audacity to do this,” Bunn said.

Bunn says she was able to link the dogs to their owner through a public Facebook group. Their owner told Lee County MPs he posted there that his dogs were missing.

“The dogs I identified were shepherds with two bright orange collars on them, and the only photo on Facebook was a bright orange collar,” Bunn said.

Bunn then called his boss, Amanda Cassese. “She said, ‘I found two shepherds here in garbage bags,’ and you know my heart sank,” Cassese said.

Amanda searched Facebook and found the owner of the dogs. “Absolutely heartbreaking. I hated having to post saying, hey, we just found these two dead dogs in trash bags, ”Cassese said.

The owner introduced himself and was able to identify his two beloved pets. “His reaction, I think he was in shock, because how… how do you respond to that call?” It’s such a hard phone call and even to believe it was your dogs, ”Cassese said.

However, these two women are happy to have been able to bring a little closure to this family. But, they hope that whoever is responsible will be brought to justice.

“How don’t you have the conscience?” How it doesn’t beat you at night? How are you going to go to bed while sleeping at night? Bunn said.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating who might have dropped these dogs. If you have any information about her case, you are encouraged to call the LCSO at (239) 477-1000.


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