30 women share their most expensive purchase. Never.


A 28-year-old full-time case coordinator working in community services and earning $ 70,000 per year, spent $ 1,200 on a tattoo.

A 25-year-old full-time customer management manager in the tech industry, earning $ 100,500 per year, spent $ 25,000 on breast augmentation and $ 12,000 on a purse.


While we found that jewelry wasn’t something women spent the most money on, there were a couple that did.

A 27-year-old full-time planning assistant, earning $ 80,000 per year, spent $ 13,000 on a diamond tennis bracelet.

A 42-year-old part-time public servant working in law enforcement, earning $ 50,000 a year, spent $ 500 on an Apple Watch.

A marriage.

Finally, the most expensive day of your life: your wedding day. Here’s what these brides spent on their wedding, or their wedding dress alone.

A 29-year-old full-time HR business partner working in professional services and earning $ 128,000 per year, spent $ 65,000 on his marriage.

A 32-year-old full-time lawyer earning $ 220,000 per year, contributed $ 20,000 in its big day.

28-year-old full-time human resources manager earning $ 148,000 per year, spent $ 10,000 on her wedding dress.

A 26-year-old full-time executive assistant working for the government and earning $ 98,000 a year, spent $ 85,000 on his marriage.

What’s the one thing you’ve spent the most money on? And how much did it cost? Tell us in the comments!

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