6 rules of winter coats for short women


Your winter coat has to do a lot of work, whether it’s signaling your style at a glance or keeping you comfortably at ease. And he has to do all of this while comfortably fitting into a fashion show in progress. sweaterslong sleeves and many layers, which can cause a problem for little women, which don’t have much room between something being comfortably loose and unflattering bulky. Jordan Foster, style director at favorite girl (a clothing line created by Erin and Sara Foster), uses her ideas about everyday life. “When you’re a petite (as I personally am), it’s so important to follow the rule of thirds,” she says. “Little ones can be quickly swallowed up by a top that’s too long or a dress or coat that’s the wrong length; clothes can very easily take over a little person if the fit is wrong and we never want the clothes to wear us down. We turned to Foster (who designed the worthy wishlist Simon coat) as well as the petite ladies of the PureWow staff for their tried-and-true cold-weather rules for picking the best winter coats — and we’ve got some coat-to-buy recommendations for each. Stay warm, shorties!

Meet the Eexperts

Jordan Foster is the style director at favorite girla line of denim and ready-to-wear by Erin and Sara Foster.

• Tigist Ketema is the founder of Tigiste Petitesa brand of designer workwear for women under 5’4″


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