A woman wearing Elton John’s shoe will attend a concert in Toronto


It’s been 51 years since a Toronto woman last got the boot of an Elton John concert, and on Wednesday night she will see the legendary singer again at the Rogers Centre.

Bonnie Haas wasn’t kicked out of the show in 1971, she literally got a boot from the gig.

“I haven’t seen him since,” the New Zealand native told CTV News Toronto on Wednesday.

It was October 29, 1971 when Haas secured tickets to see John at Western Springs Stadium on his first New Zealand tour. “We got free tickets from the promoter,” admitted Haas, who was working in radio at the time.

“I moved up to second place.

In addition to the memories of that show, Haas also clung to something else.

“He took his boots off,” she said. “He had the Rocketman boots, and he threw them in the audience and I got one!”

The Mr. Freedom winged boot in leather, gold and red, for the right foot, was one of the flashy musician’s first signature pieces. Novelty shoes are even referenced in the 2019 autobiographical film “Rocketman.”

At the time, a young Haas didn’t consider her new find a collector’s item.

“I put them on,” she said. “I was so hyper. I had a black boot and an Elton John boot. I went with my boyfriend at the time, and I stuck my leg out the window and was like, ‘I the boot! I have the boot.

Haas says after the show, she wore the boot to a nightclub and went dancing.

Along with her record collection, the boot was one of the few possessions Haas brought with her when she moved to Canada 46 years ago. For decades it was displayed in a display case in his Toronto home, both as a decorative piece and as a conversation piece.

“People love it,” she says. “And they say, ‘You have to contact Elton.

Haas says she has no idea how much the boot is worth and has no interest in selling it.

“I went to the Bata Shoe Museum and was talking to them – and they said they’d be interested in me showing it. But you know, I didn’t want to give it away.

Half a century after obtaining it, the boot and the musician from which it came are still standing.

John is performing two shows in Toronto at Roger’s Center this week on September 7th and 8th.

Haas says she’ll wear the boot on Wednesday night when she’s in attendance.

“I would love to meet him,” she said.


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