An umbrella tested at 115km/h? Country Road says yes


Country Road has teamed up with New Zealand umbrella brand Blunt to release a limited edition collaborative umbrella.

The black umbrella features a white Country Road logo and is based on Blunt’s “Metro” umbrella model.

The Metro design features a button-operated canopy, an integrated rotation mechanism to prevent damage in the event of impact, and Blunt’s patented end caps that open into pockets, preventing the user from unintentionally injuring passers-by or becoming trapped tips on clothing.

In addition, the canopy of the umbrella is wind tunnel tested for a category 1 hurricane (115 km/h).

Kirby Hanrahan, head of women’s accessories and footwear design at Country Road, said the company wanted to ensure the longevity of the collaboration.

“Just as we do at Country Road, the team at Blunt incorporate design principles into their products that ensure excellent performance throughout their lifespan – and the thoughtful and innovative way the umbrellas are designed means that they will truly last for years and years.

“Of course Country Road and Blunt are both fashion and lifestyle brands, so for us it’s not just important that a product performs to a high standard, we also want it to be beautiful and fits perfectly with other items in the wardrobe. .

“I’m happy to say that this umbrella ticks both of those boxes – the monochrome design is timeless and looks just as good on weekends as it does on commutes to the office, and its compact size makes it easy to take anywhere, ” she says.

Blunt founder Greig Brebner added that it is important for Blunt to collaborate with brands that share similar values.

“At Blunt, we value quality products that not only deliver exceptional experiences, but are also beautifully designed and developed with a heightened awareness of the impact they have on the world.

“Country Road shares these values ​​with us and believes their role is not just to add style to their consumers’ lives, but to do so in a way with the highest level of accountability.

“We are very proud to partner with such an iconic and respected brand and can’t wait to see these beautiful umbrellas in store across Australia and New Zealand,” he said.

Country Road x Blunt umbrellas are available now online and in select Country Road stores in Australia and New Zealand.

The umbrella retails for $129.


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