Annie Kreighbaum Targets Skin Concerns With Soft Services Skin Care Line


Smoothing set, via Soft Services website

Lake Highlands High School graduate Annie Kreighbaum might co-host a beauty podcast with Nick Axelrod-Welk, but her beauty involvement goes beyond that.

Kreighbaum co-hosts the beauty podcast eyewitness beauty and launched a skin care line this year with colleague Rebecca Zhou. The two women previously worked for beauty brand Glossier. The launch was originally scheduled for 2019, but postponed until May 2021.

The brand, called Soft Services, targets common skin issues, like acne and ingrown hairs, and other bodily issues that shoppers may face.

As the former beauty editor of Glossier magazine Into the Gloss, Kreighbaum saw the need to address skin issues that were not adequately addressed in articles relating to the whole body rather than the face. uniquely.

“Why are we 30 years old and still have body acne? My face looks great, but I had never been able to really hack my body like I have my face, ”Kreighbaum told beauty site Allure.

The trim items and sets on the Soft Services website range from polishing bars to smoothing and cleaning sets.

However, this is not purely female-oriented skin care. There’s even a set for the guys, which includes a polish bar, removal mist, and a “forever bag”.

Soft Services is based in New York.


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