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The female streetwear consumer has long been underserved, and Atmos is looking to change that.

The Japan-based retailer – which was acquired by Foot Locker Inc. in August 2021 – unveiled Atmos Women’s, a space dedicated solely to its female consumers. The concept will launch in its long-running Philadelphia storefront, located at 1509 Walnut Street. Atmos Women’s occupies its second floor and occupies 1,400 square feet of retail space.

“This space is dedicated to her, someone who wants to waver and challenge the fashion status quo. She could come here and get statement pieces or everyday pieces, everyday sneakers or the sneakers the hottest ones,” Louis Colon, director of Atmos USA brand and product told FN. “We bring this offering to him through a sneaker lens, of course, but we also want to accessorize, give him clothes, donating bags and making sure that experience is unlike anything she’s had in retail.”

Atmos Women’s in Philadelphia will include footwear, apparel and accessories from Jordan Brand, Bape and Honor the Gift, among others. It was organized by women buyer Erika Grimes.

In addition, emerging fashionable women-owned brands relevant to Atmos consumers will be showcased, such as Philadelphia-based accessories brand Room Shop and New York-based jewelry designers Seville Michelle and Hannah. Jewett. For the opening, the space will house Atmos’ latest collaborative collection with designer Anna Sui.

“Our consumer is sneaker-focused, but she’s versatile. Sometimes she wears boots, sometimes she mixes and matches high-low, vintage. around her or how she grew up and where she grew up. She has a lot of flexibility and range,” said Marissa Le, director of marketing and digital at Atmos USA.

The new Atmos Women space in the retailer’s Philadelphia store.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Gab Bonghi

Additionally, her house brand for women, Atmos Pink, will make its U.S. debut in space.

“Everything is made in Japan. They are basically contemporary classic pieces with a Tokyo attitude, a kind of Harajuku,” Le said. “Some looks are boxy, some are more tailored. There’s a nice versatility for a modern female sneakerhead.

Besides the product, the second floor also has a space dedicated to activations where the inhabitants can gather.

“We put equal effort into activations, marketing, storytelling to resonate with the consumer,” Le said. “Creating workshops, courses and points of engagement throughout the shopping experience that are complementary and unexpected is how we will separate ourselves from the pack and be a little more progressive.”

From October 22 through November 22, Atmos Women’s will host free events featuring small businesses and women-owned creators from Philadelphia, as well as New York City and Washington, D.C. Some of the activations include dance workout classes from Trillfit, a weekend nail bar courtesy of Nailcon, aura shots, floral workshops, sound bath meditations and more.

Women's Atmos

Another look at the Atmos Women space in Philadelphia.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Gab Bonghi

While having a second floor open to work in Philadelphia made the process of creating Atmos Women’s easier, Colon said that wasn’t the only reason to launch the concept in the city.

“We had the space here, but we wanted to connect in a real, organic way with the community. Most of the Atmos headquarters is in Philadelphia, and that was part of the decision making because we have real connections here,” Colon explained. “It’s about partnership versus complacency. We’ve seen the market flatter her for a while, but we’re here to be a sustainable business, so we really want to have a connection in this community. We have a small team in New York, we have a small team in DC, but we thought Philadelphia was the right place to start building a community connection.

In addition to the launch of the Atmos Women concept, the retailer will launch its women-focused online store on Friday. It will have a separate landing page on its existing store.

“We will have a section of our website which will be our section dedicated to women. The way we approach e-commerce is definitely different than e-commerce for our male business. We strive to film everything on the model, because that’s obviously important to our consumer, and we want the styling to obviously convey the vibe that we hope to have with her,” Le said.

Women's Atmos

First-ever Atmos women’s space in the United States

CREDIT: Courtesy of Gab Bonghi

Looking ahead, Colon said servicing the Atmos Women space in Philadelphia was the priority, but he didn’t rule out expanding the concept in 2023.

“No. 1 is a hyper focus on this store and execution over the next year,” Colon said. “Part of what we want to do here is continue to do activations and look for partnerships more unique – we are currently working on a partnership with Seville Michelle How do we differentiate ourselves from the market?

He continued, “And there is definitely going to be growth. The standalone option [stores] is on the table, that’s for sure. The option of updating stores and having a female expression in those stores is also 100% on the table. We’re refining what that timeline and execution plan looks like, but everyone’s excited that this is a real litmus test moving forward – and everyone knows it’s going to be a home run and will give us a lead for more Atmos Women’s.”


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