Bella Thorne shows off her butt and abs in bikini photos on Instagram

  • Bella Thorne just showed off her totally perky butt and teased her sculpted abs in new Instagram bikini pics.
  • The actress is all about her health this year and is training with a TRX to target all areas of her heart.
  • Bella is not vegan, but will incorporate vegan meals into her rotation.

Bella Thorne enjoys the late summer/early fall breeze in a recent Instagram photo dump showing her banging everything angles in a tiny bikini and a loose cover-up. Her fiery red hair and black beach dress perfectly frame her body, while her epic muscles transform into the ultimate outfit accessories.

Bella gives fans a glimpse of her strong, sizzling abs peeking out from behind her tied blanket and putting her sculpted booty on full display in a breezy, underside shot.

Basically, Bella flaunts her unique style while giving fans an added reveal of her toned muscles.

“I feel cute,” the 24-year-old actress captioned her caption, and fans were quick to agree with her in the comments. “🍑🔥🔥🔥 mamiiii 🔥,” one wrote. “Oh my god 😍😍😍 are you kidding?” asked another follower. “Literally flawless,” said a third. I think it’s safe to say that everyone was impressed with Bella’s look.

To strengthen her butt and core, Bella puts hard work and persistence into her fitness routine. She shared a video of one of her tough TRX workouts on Instagram in 2020.

Bella uses the exercise equipment to add resistance and increase the difficulty of her basic circuit. She goes mountain climbing and pulls her legs to her sides to target her obliques as well.

Recently, Bella opened up about what she’s looking for in her current, holistic health journey. She shared her 2022 New Year’s resolutions with her IG Followers.

“I will be healthier this year, take better care of my body, drink more water,” she wrote. “I will pay more attention to my negative mental habits. I will work to change the ones that I will stop judging myself so harshly that I will be happy,” she added.

Regarding her diet, Bella shared that she is not vegan.

“I really want to be, though,” she said Wired. “My sister is vegan, so we eat a lot of vegan food, but man, bacon. Oh, I get that every time.” I appreciate his honesty, TBH.

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With or without bacon, Bella is as strong and sculpted as ever. Enjoy the breeze, B!


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