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As someone who likes to wear little to no clothes when I’m home (TMI?), bathrobes give me the freedom to do just that in a house full of family. Another bonus: it’s a wardrobe staple to wear if you have to go out, if you’re on vacation, if a surprise guest arrives, or if you’re just getting ready for a fight. Call it the wrap dress of home life, if you will. TBH, I’m pretty late for the whole bathrobe game – I only wore them during hotel stays, but the pandemic has changed me…like it’s changed us all! Really, bathrobes are the next best thing to walking around the house naked and that’s what I’m here for.

So why is an entire overview dedicated to them? Well, apparently you’ve been searching in droves for the best bathrobes for women. Since I’m not really a bathrobe connoisseur yet, I tapped on another Cosmos editors to get their take on their personal favorites. I’ve also included some that I have my eye on to try. and rave reviews that will make it hard for you to choose your own hero coin! Ahead, 18 of the Best Bathrobes You’ll Ever Have already want to take off (but eventually you’ll have to because life is calling you, you know?)

Our selection of the best bathrobes for women in 2022:

Yes, you can look good even in your bathrobe. This list of the warmest fleeces, lightweight cottons, waffle knits, terrycloths and lightest linens is proof of that. Speaking of comfort, we have a few cute onesies, cozy socksand pajamas for the sweetest sleep. Thinking of a little something to wear under your bathrobe? Why not a sleep bra and underwear (we strongly recommend cotton panties) that make you feel like you’re not wearing anything at all? One last thing: if you are absolutely have go out into the world without your new favorite bathrobe, at least do it in a cozy cashmere sweater of your dreams.

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this one that looks like a hug

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic® Unisex Bathrobe

this cult

Parachute Home Waffle Robe

this silky

Idle The Short Dress – Rust Zig Zag

this one with adjustable cuffs

Brooklinen Plush Bathrobe

this plush

Hill House Home Women’s Hotel Robe

this extravagant dress

Catherine D’Lish “Cassandra” bathrobe

this sweet savior

Barefoot Dream Bathrobe

this refreshing dress

Cozy Earth waffle bathrobe

this elegant style

Lake Pajamas Cozy Spruce Bathrobe

this one is right

Parachute Home Classic Turkish Cotton Bathrobe

this ultimate sweetness

UGG Marlow Bathrobe

this one extremely hot

Nordstrom Frosted Plush Bathrobe in Rust Argan Oil

this striped marvel

Dusen Dusen grapefruit striped cotton-terry robe

this cashmere textured choice

Savage X Fluff It Up Bathrobe

this fan favorite

Print Fresh Deck The Halls

this hooded stunner

Savage X Forever Savage Maxi Dress

this velvety treasure

Lauren Ralph Lauren quilted shawl-collar velvet maxi dress

this best-selling choice

Savage X Forever Savage Short Bathrobe

Here’s what to look for when shopping for a bathrobe:

When shopping for a bathrobe, you should consider…


Opt for satin or silk if you prefer a more luxurious feel. Faux feathers and trailing hems are perfect for drama. Cotton is the most breathable and plush fleece is often the most comfortable. If you want something exclusively for the moments after the shower, terry cloth is the material you are looking for.

Cut and style

Ultimately, a dress should be comfortable – think of it as a second skin. Also, definitely consider: Are you an oversized dress girl or do you like it fitted? What will you do the most in your bathrobe? If you plan to be super active (cooking, cleaning, going out, etc.), you may need something lighter with a shorter hemline.


Name a better feeling than jumping out of the shower and warming up in a warm bathrobe. You can not. Why? Because bathrobes are heroes all year round. Just like your favorite sweatshirts, they’re super easy to pull on, but they’re ~more sophisticated~. They should also be just as easy to clean. You’ll more than likely have a few stains on it after all.

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Each of our purchase items meets the 15% Commitment and includes products for all sizes. The best bathrobes for women have been chosen based on style, softness, comfort, functionality, popularity, personal recommendations and so many reviews to compile this list of what’s in it. the best for you!

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