Best Maternity Running Clothes 2022


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If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know how special it can be – there’s really nothing else like it. But as your body changes to accommodate the human you grow up in, your clothes can make you hyper aware of those changes. For runners in particular, finding activewear that supports you (and doesn’t limit you!) can make all the difference as you continue to run and stay active throughout your pregnancy.

On the other hand, maternity clothes can be expensive, which can be frustrating when you only need them for a limited time. That’s why we asked our in-house tester, a mom-to-be, to try out everything that came to our hands and pick her absolute favorites from the bunch.

Here’s what she loved and recommended.

The Best Maternity Running Clothes

Of all the brands and items tested, our resident pregnant runner found the following items to provide the most support for her run.

Oiselle Queen bra | $72

(Photo: Hannah DeWitt)

Although not technically a maternity bra, this choice from Oiselle provided the most support when running. Although our reviewer noted some odd bunching and openings around the top, it didn’t affect how it fit or felt while she ran in it.

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Athleta Foresthill heather tank top | $59

tank top-athleta
(Photo: Hannah DeWitt)

It was a standout garment, which received rave reviews for its flattering fit around the chest, arms and stomach. Our tester was able to wear it throughout her pregnancy thanks to the gathers on the sides. And for running, the breathable and comfortable material was perfect.

Motherhood Forever Active Maternity and Postpartum Leggings | $50


These running leggings are comfortable, supportive and made from a soft high performance fabric. Our tester said she could wear them every day. They fit well on the stomach without pinching. And the side pockets were a great bonus.

Cadenshae Maternity High Waisted Cycling Shorts | $65

Cadenshae Bike Shorts

These bike shorts from Cadenshae offered a smooth, comfortable ride with plenty of tummy support, although bordering on being too tight on the bump towards the end of the eighth month. Designed for maternity and postpartum (just fold down the compression panel), our tester is even more excited to wear them on the run after the baby is born.

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The best clothes for low impact exercises and relaxation

You might run until your baby’s due date, or you might decide to opt for more low-impact exercise at some point in your pregnancy. Some of the clothes we tested weren’t necessarily resistant to running, but were more suitable for walking, yoga, or just relaxing and getting some well-deserved rest.

Oiselle Luxury Collection

(Photo: Hannah DeWitt)

The bra, the dressthe pillowcase, kami jammie pants— high-end comfort here. We understand why the collection is called Lux ​​because the material can only be described as luxurious. Our tester called her sleep “godly” with the Lux pillowcase under her head and can’t wait to take it to the hospital with her when the time comes.

Anook Athletics Nila Nursing Sports Bra | $62

anook nursing bra

While it doesn’t support the run as much as some of the other bras we’ve tested, this one gets points for comfort as a relaxing or low-impact sports bra. It is also a nursing bra, so you can fully enjoy it after giving birth.

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