Bollywood Divas serving up monochromatic glamor with a touch of gold jewelry


Fashion is a perpetually cyclical and always debatable topic due to its constantly changing trends. As time goes by, the fashion landscape seems to be even more filled with new comparisons, in-depth predictions, and analysis of upcoming styles and do’s and don’ts that all enthusiasts of this field would respect. genres and contexts that complement every curated look you seem to enjoy so much, off the runway or when your favorite celebrities wear it to perfection. One of those contexts has always been Bollywood fashion and how it has deep roots in the way we perceive fashion and want to experience it based on the looks served up to us.

Fashion is not just about clothes; it’s a lot of factors put together that enhance a complete organized look to be suitable enough. One of those factors is always how you accessorize your outfits. Accessories are what give the finishing touch and our favorite Bollywood divas seem to have plenty of style statements that they have been impressing on us lately. Along with one of the recent jewelry trends spotted in the wardrobes of our favorite style models is that of chunky gold jewelry paired with monochrome outfits.

Not downright shimmery, but plated classics. From chunky hoops to intricate geometric patterns to sleek pendants, these pieces seem to exude the utmost glamour. Monochromatic outfits have been trending for quite some time in tinsel town, however, the new trend of complementing these solid color looks with just a gold jewel seems to be quite the go-to for all major Bollywood stylists.

Let’s take a look at the roundup of some leading Bollywood ladies for the same:

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

This global superstar has more than one weapon to leave her fans with no choice but to admire her versatile personality. A talented actress, producer, singer, published author and true blue fashionista. For all the hawk-eyed fashion nazis who are always on the lookout for their favorite celebrities in trendy outfits, Priyanka Chopra Jonas continues to be a constant source of fascination. Diving deep into the current trend of gold jewelry paired with monochromatic ensembles, she recently stunned her fans in a black leather outfit, accented very easily with the glamorous touch of gold-plated abstract earrings. Along with the warm-hued makeup brush featuring dark smoky eyes and nude lips, the gold hoop earrings gave even more punch and glamor to this well-curated look.

Bollywood Diva serves up monochromatic glamor with a touch of gold jewelry

Deepika Padukone

That everything Deepika Padukone touches turns to gold has rightly become a reality, passing from a passing metaphor. The actress who started the year with a busy schedule promoting her movie Gehraiyaan has upped her fashion game with her exquisite on-screen style record. At the hit party for the same movie, Deepika strutted around in a white corset top paired with white jeans and white heels. However, the absolute head-turning element of her look were the chunky double gold abstract earrings that gave off a little feather duster vibe to her figure as they almost touched her shoulders. As subtle as the white color was, royalty was well established with that golden touch of her earrings.

Bollywood Diva serves up monochromatic glamor with a touch of gold jewelry

Alia Bhat

A brand doing its thing while at its fashionable best. Gangubai star Kathiawadi – Alia Bhatt has captivated everyone with her performances over the years, but her versatility in fashion hasn’t gone bad either. She embodies every style, from an easy-to-wear girl-next-door look to an ultra-glam red carpet look to a fashionable desi girl with the utmost panache. Throughout the promotions for her recent film, she was draped in nine meters of elegance, but on International Women’s Day, at a special screening of her film, she opted for a look instead. more pointed. Power-dressing with a twist – she was seen in a standout monochromatic white linen gown with detailed underwire lining and a splash of a plunging neckline with chunky straps. The icing on the cake was the elegant styling of the dress with an oversized blazer and chunky gold hoops. The gold-toned earrings against the elegant white color scheme were a big step up and left fashion critics very impressed.

Bollywood Diva serves up monochromatic glamor with a touch of gold jewelry

Ananya Panday

The vibe is monochromatic glamor with an elegant touch of gold and the glitzy town’s young starlets surely play the game by its rules. Ananya Panday has been quite an impressive entry into Bollywood with her straightforward style statements and commendable screen presence. Playing with the monochrome fame game, she recently made an effortless style statement in a black blazer dress with chunky straps and a double-breasted design. She opted for bold makeup with classic red lips and dark eye liner. However, what matched her subtle gold eyeshadow was her interesting choice of gold-plated accessories. Her earrings were an interesting pair of intertwined flat gold hoops that looked classier against the matte black outfit and this look topped our list of favorites.

Bollywood Divas serving monochrome glamor

Kareena Kapoor Khan

An actress who glamorizes even sweatpants and casual tees can only fail to serve up glamorous looks that people are inspired by. A mother of two but steeped in fashion and reigning over it like second nature to her, Kareena Kapoor Khan has impressed us with her fashion choices over time. Jumping on the monochrome bandwagon, Kareena’s recent tonal orange ensemble was quite the winner. Not one, but Bebo had several fashion trends front and center in this one look. To start with the styles – the ribbed crop top and high waisted flared pants looked fuss-free, to say the least. Her accessories enhanced her minimal look with mint blue peep-toes and chunky gold hoops. Chunky gold hoop earrings paired with an orange color scheme created a risque yet experimental look – how effortless Kareena always seems to be.

Bollywood Diva serves up monochromatic glamor with a touch of gold jewelry

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

A fashion roundup just isn’t complete without Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s look being decoded. A fashion and styling pioneer in the city of Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is one of the first to try out the monochromatic look paired with the gold earrings trend. Back during her promotions for the film, The Zoya Factor, the color red ruled her fashion wardrobe, and one of the looks that left a more stoic lasting impression was her dreamy red dress. This off-the-shoulder dress features criss-cross detailing on the top half and a flowing silhouette from the waist down. A fabric-like detail was present which Sonam wrapped around her neck, giving the illusion of a scarf while the twirling bottom of the dress featured a ruffled hem. She matched her look with all things gold when it comes to accessories – gold peep-toes and her chunky gold hoops. Giving a twist to the regular gold hoop earrings, these had a thicker width with that golden glow.

The frenzy of the monochromatic look seems to have bewitched all of our leading Bollywood ladies. They seem to do this classic trend justice with the golden touch of accessories that complete their look perfectly. This trendy and fashionable look is going to be a favorite in the fashion world and certainly in Bollywood fashion.


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