Breanna Konrade-Massoth celebrated a fresh start last week at Pratt


Breanna Konrade-Massoth last week celebrated a smooth opening, grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony as well as a Fall At It’s Finest community shopping night at her new store, Turquoise & Tines, in Pratt. It has been a month of preparation and opening of his store to the public, but one which has met with resounding success.

“The way this store, my whole business, came into being has been a divine thing,” said Massoth. “My faith is huge for me and it’s just amazing how much he played a role in everything that got me here. So many people have come to tell me that they are happy to have me on Main Street. I feel so blessed. “

Joined by community business representatives and Tammy Wellbrock - Acting Director of the Pratt Area Chamber of Commerce (front, second from right), Breanna Konrade-Massoth wields large scissors (middle, front) and cut a welcome ribbon last week at Pratt.  They are celebrating the grand opening of their new store, Turquoise and Tines at 208 1/2 S. Main Street.

Turquoise & Tines is a boutique for jewelry, clothing and accessories, which means unique items for sale are often not available in bulk. Men’s and women’s clothing, footwear, some Western-style home decor, woven blankets, and hand-made jewelry all reflect Masoth’s life course up to this point.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved making jewelry,” she said. “I still have my original bead box that my cousin helped me start with when I was about in 8th grade.”

Massoth said her teenage years were anything but typical as she fell very ill while in high school. After constantly battling nausea, weakness, headache, body aches, painful swelling in the joints, fever, numbness, and digestive issues for 8-10 years, she was eventually diagnosed with self-impairment. immune.

“I had tried everything to overcome this disease, but at the age of 22 my doctor wanted to remove my colon,” she said. “My faith was all that had sustained me through it all and I just felt like it wasn’t what God wanted me to do. I what to do.”

Massoth said within three days that she met a friend who told her about drinking celery juice. This was one of the few nutritional trips she hadn’t yet taken, so she started drinking celery juice first thing each morning and then later in the day.

“Within three or four weeks I started to fall better,” she said. “It was amazing because I had been ill for almost 10 years by then. A year later I was as normal as possible again.”

Massoth still drinks celery juice daily, she also continues to make jewelry like she did when she was younger. It is an interest that continued in her relationship with her husband, Jacob.

“My husband and I grew up near Spearville,” said Massoth. “We both love the hunt and the outdoors, so we spend a lot of time in the woods, collecting sheds (deer antlers) or hunting whatever is in season.”

It was during one of these hunting trips that Jacob suggested that Breanna find a way to incorporate her love of nature into her jewelry making, specifically to use deer antlers in some way. of another. Massoth began to experiment with combinations of turquoise deer tooth jewelry and others began to notice him.

“I loved deer tooth jewelry and when I wore it somewhere people would always notice it and even try to buy it from me,” she said. “I started a small online store and it grew from there.”

From the online store to display and sale at Turquoise Ranch, a western clothing and decor store in Pratt (also Greensburg and Dodge City), then finally to his own personal store, Turquoise & Tines in Pratt, Massoth has come a long way, building on her own experiences and interests, according to her faith to guide her.

“I just want to share the happiness that I have found in creating jewelry,” she said. “I do a lot of custom pieces that people bring in as an idea of ​​something they want. I’ve always loved working with turquoise, and it combines well with the woods that I cut and shape into something new. “

Massoth said she is not worried about running out of deer antlers to work with as clients bring teeth all the time. And she and her husband always find time to hunt together and look for sheds too.

“We are open Monday through Friday (10 am-6pm) every week, and Saturday (10 am-4pm) too, but closed on Sundays,” she said. “This is family time. God’s time. It is very important to me.”

Welcome Turquoise & Tines!

More information about Turquoise & Tines can be found on a Pratt Area Chamber of Commerce inauguration video on Facebook. Turquoise & Tines also has a Facebook page and a shopping catalog on its website.


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