ByteDance Launches Women’s Clothing Website Dmonstudio


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Monday, cross-border e-commerce media News learned from sources that Beijing-based tech giant and TikTok owner ByteDance has launched a women’s clothing brand known as Dmonstudio. Considering the style of the website and the stated business reach, its operating model is very comparable to that of Shein, the leader in cross-border apparel e-commerce with a valuation of over $50 billion.

Currently, Dmonstudio owns two major domain names – and – both of which refer to the same brand. In addition, according to its official website, the two sites are operated in many countries and regions around the world, which are respectively related to Guangzhou CX Media Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Fanchen Zhishang Technology Co., Ltd., with a business scope including clothing and apparel wholesale and retail.

According to a TikTok insider, although the website was only recently launched, it has been prepared internally for quite some time. This project belongs to the so-called “S-level” within ByteDance, and is under the direct supervision of Kang Zeyu, in charge of e-commerce for the company.

After reviewing public information on the platform, its precise relationship to ByteDance and TikTok is not immediately apparent. According to an analyst, ByteDance is relatively tight-lipped about its cross-border e-commerce project, especially in the early stages, and doesn’t want to divulge too many details.

According to the report, a source close to TikTok in Shenzhen consulted with the official and said that there is indeed a standalone Shein-like brand operated by TikTok, but the specific name has yet to be announced.

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The domain name was registered on November 3, 2021. Although Dmonstudio is a long-launched website, it claims in its introduction that it has millions of customers, covering more than 100 countries around the world, including across the North. America, Europe and the Middle East. The platform claims that it can deliver goods within 5-15 working days through its overseas warehouses.

With the addition of this branded website, ByteDance’s global e-commerce layout gradually shows its expansive and unique structure. Douyin, the mainland Chinese version of TikTok, represents the core of the Chinese market, while TikTok serves as the core in foreign countries. This ecology incorporates the characteristics of competing multidimensional products such as PinduoduoShein, Facebook and even Amazon.


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