Children’s “princess accessories” are gaining popularity among women


SEOUL, June 2 (Korea Bizwire)The popularity of the “princess set” sold at Daiso, a localized version of a US dollar store, is sweeping the country after celebrities were spotted wearing them.

Actress Han So-hee posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing pink gemstone-laden earrings and necklaces at her birthday party last November, drawing public attention to the accessories she wore.

After it was revealed that the accessories were sold at Daiso, sales of the “princess set” doubled from the previous month (October). In April this year, sales more than quadrupled year-on-year.


Last March, Taeyeon of K-pop group Girls’ Generation was seen wearing earrings, necklaces and a pink heart crown, which also happened to be from Daiso.

Accessories have rapidly gained popularity among young women, with sales up more than 400% in April compared to last year.

All of these products were marketed as toys for young children.

As photos become a primary method of expression among people in their 20s and 30s on social media, accessories like the “princess set” are gaining popularity for their affordability and effectiveness as accessories for images posted on social media.

Image Credit: Instagram/tvN/[email protected]



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