Dollars Through Dresses: Dorchester Women Join Forces to Give Back | New


There was no shame in sporting the same duds every day for a group of 30 women who raised more than $17,000 last month to help single mothers pay their essential dues through the sponsored Little Black Dress Week campaign. by Dorchester Habitat for Humanity.

During the week of September 12-16, a team of women philanthropists donned the same black dress every day to help working women with limited resources, according to Moriah Hollander, director of marketing and development at Dorchester Habitat for Humanity. .

“It can be difficult to make the same dress look different every day. But it’s much harder to choose between paying rent or medical bills – nobody should have to make that choice,” Hollander said.

A Facebook fundraiser organized by the participants (aka LBD agents) boosted donations, as the women involved in the charity effort shared the awkwardness and angst often associated with being forced to flash the same threads due to lack of monetary resources.

One participating agent who recounted the conflicts experienced by the people she defends was regional realtor Allison Salmon.

“It was humbling for me to be a single mother. The opportunity came at the right time in my life and not everyone does. I could have been a struggling single mom, just like the women we promote,” she said.

A statistic provided by a 2021 Dorchester County Needs Assessment indicates that one in nine county residents live in poverty. Nearly half of these people are burdened by the exorbitant nature of local rent as they consume more than half of their respective income in housing fees and/or expenses, according to a 2021 state report.

Looking at the issue at a more macro level, Dorchester Habitat for Humanity cites that on average, about 129,000 state residents are behind on their housing payments and unsure if they will be able to meet their payments. the next month.

Namely, state figures show that the average hourly wage for South Carolinians is $13.52, well below the $17.30 you need to earn to make fair rent.

Currently, more than 28,000 community members in Dorchester County live below the poverty line.

Based on the success of the second annual Little Black Dress Week in 2022, there’s no doubt that a third iteration of the relief effort won’t be back next September.


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