Don’t throw away that empty sugar bag yet


When it comes to kitchen staples, chances are you have sugar sitting around your pantry or cabinet somewhere. But whether you’re pouring your sugar into a more accessible container or just getting to the bottom of that bag, here’s a reason do not throw away that empty sugar bag.

Table sugar, brown sugar, and confectioner’s sugars often come in double-layered paper bags which are thicker and more durable than other types of food bags. Some flours also sometimes come in similar bags with this more solid texture. This is largely for two purposes. First, sugars and flours are usually very dense and heavy in large quantities, so you don’t want a bag to tear the second you try to lift it. Second, because the pellets are usually so small, you don’t want them seeping through the bag and slowly spreading all over the place.

So once you’ve finally hit the bottom of that sugar sack, what can you do with it? Because of these extra thick fibers, they make great all-around bags to use when you need to carry heavier or sharper items. A Twitter user recently pointed out that she always keeps a few empty sugar bags handy to pick up broken glass and the like. They are great for storing the glass you recycle so it won’t tear your plastic recycling bag when you take it to your outdoor bins. You can also use them as storage bags for picnic items like cheese and sandwiches.

Here are some additional tips for recycling common kitchen items and foods like watermelon rinds, used lemons, avocado peels, and coffee grounds. They will save you money and save waste!


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