Fashion tips: Make a style statement at the Breeders’ Cup 2022


Whether you’re a casual running fan or a devoted enthusiast, what you wear for Breeders Cup World Championships is an opportunity to make a statement. Whether it’s classic sophistication or an opportunity to showcase your own unique style, the Breeders’ Cup is the time to put your best foot – or stiletto – forward.

Below, we explore some of the key style takeaways for women’s and men’s World Championship fashion so you can start planning your look and feel ready come November in Keeneland!

Fashion tips for women

While there are countless outfit options to choose from, the most important part of creating a look is leaning into what you feel most confident and comfortable in. For some it might look like flats and a pantsuit, while for others it might look like Louboutins and a dramatic cape dress. Fashion is an ever-changing landscape, but some style choices have enduring sophistication. Solid-colored, neutral dresses and pantsuits with clean lines leave plenty of room for accessories in the form of patterned scarves, colorful fascinators or brightly colored handbags. Since Breeders’ Cup weekend takes place in the fall, it’s also a great time to release timeless fall patterns like plaid and houndstooth. If you have a neutral solid color dress, you can easily pair it with a plaid wool overcoat and boots for a cohesive fall look.

Harness your unique style

While the classic outfit choices pair well with Breeders’ Cup traditions, if you’d rather step out in the latest fashions, this is a great opportunity to embrace your style instincts. Use the World Championships as a runway to try out a bold look you wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to wear. Whether it looks like poofy sleeves, highly constructed pleats, visionary matching sets, or a slicked-back hairstyle with a wildly inventive fascinator, there’s nothing quite like being overdressed. If you’re a super fan of a certain horse and want to show your love, you can get creative and wear clothes in the colors of the owners’ racing silks! Whether it’s as small as a pair of earrings or the color of your dress, Breeders’ Cup is the time to show your favorites your support.

Match your accessories

Hats and fascinators are the perfect touch to any race day outfit. Our advice is to plan the outfit first, then get your hairstyle – it can be difficult to plan outfits that complement a hat’s unique shades, but there are tons of hat options that can go with it. your finished outfit. Finally, the choice of your outfit largely depends on your accommodation for the day, the weather, and the amount of walking you plan to do. If in doubt, bring a pair of ballet flats to change into and a small umbrella or transparent poncho. This way your outfit can stay exposed while you stay dry!

Fashion tips for men

First and foremost, a properly fitted jacket is essential to any men’s race day outfit. The sports coat adds an element of sophistication, and when you hit the race tracks in your jacket, those you pass might assume you’re a wealthy owner of one of the thoroughbreds competing that day. You’ll never be ridiculed for being overdressed, so might as well break in your best sports coat for the big weekend. Even though it’s taking place in the fall, save the all-black look for another time and don’t be afraid to break out the classic purple and yellow Breeders’ Cup color scheme. If you prefer to keep it more traditional, stick with colors like navy blue and hunter green.

Accessories for men

When it comes to accessories, the Breeders’ Cup is also the perfect opportunity to bring in those stylish finishing touches you don’t usually wear. Bring out the pair of colorful socks, the fedora or bowler hat, the fancy belt, the pocket square or the designer watches. Finally, don’t forget to bring sunglasses. Even if you plan to spend most of the day indoors, important parts of the racecourse, such as the paddock and apron, are located outdoors. You will inevitably make a trip to these places at some point during your day at the track, and even in the fall the sun can shine and you don’t want to miss seeing your favorite horses from around the world due to some event. inappropriate. glare!


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