Flat feet rejoice! This sock will relieve foot pain when walking 18


Arch Booster de Forme socks.


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Greetings my flat feet friends. As an avid walker with an overpronation problem, I’m always looking for new ways to relieve stress on my arches. I know I’m not the only one (looking at you, James Colgan)!

Usually this means inserts – these are my favorites – but they don’t always fit comfortably in my golf shoes. The point of a sock, however, is to fit inside a shoe, and that’s what makes this Form product so revolutionary.

Exclusive sock liner technology uses multiple lightweight layers to create tension in the midfoot arch that retrains your foot and ankle muscles. As these muscles engage to correct your arch, you will notice improved alignment and stability. You can feel it working as soon as the sock goes over your foot.

They are available in sizes XS to L, so they fit any size foot for men or women. While they’re certainly a bit pricey for a pair of socks ($29), the price is lower than you’d pay for most good inserts – and they actually work! Use the button below to see for yourself.

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Arch Booster Shape Sock


If you like to walk well, but suffer from arch pain due to flat feet, you have to give these socks a try.

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