Florida Women Win Tag Team Title, Florida Men Sweep Relays at 2022 SEC Outdoor Championships

OXFORD, Miss.- If there is one word to describe the Florida women’s track team; it’s resilient.

Weather delays interrupt preliminaries on Thursday and Friday? No problem.

Two All-American sprinters get injured? Others intervene.

In the last two races of the team competition, as they have done all weekend, the Gators delivered.

Parker Valby broke the school record in the 5,000 meters (15:32.41) to win silver and earn eight crucial team points as Arkansas and LSU edged closer to the top of the standings.

Her race was not only her first full race since January, but it was her first collegiate 5,000 meter race during the outdoor season.

Valby’s eight points put Florida back in the lead with a 103-97 advantage over Arkansas heading into the 4×400 relay.

Once again, the Gators have delivered.

The team of Taylor Manson, Sterling Lester, Doneisha Anderson and Talitha Digg crossed the finish line in near school record fashion at 3:26.85 for four points.

Diggs, in his third race in three hours, shared 49.8 to hold onto fifth place down the stretch.

A Kentucky victory in the 4×400 secured victory for Team Florida with a 107-103 win over the Razorbacks to claim the 2022 SEC Outdoor Championship, the seventh outdoor title in program history for women in Florida.

Florida scored in 12 of the 15 events it contested over the weekend with 19 healthy athletes out of a possible 30 allowed to compete for each team.

Imogen Barrettjust an hour after finishing fifth in the 1,500 meters, came back and set a new personal best of 2:01.42 to win gold in the 800 meters.

Gabrielle Wilkinson won bronze at home securing a 1-3 finish for the Gators and 16 team points.

Diggs finished fourth in the 400 meters, then came back and won bronze in the 200 meters, moving to second in school history with a run of 22.64.

Sasha Wells (100 mH) and Thea Jensen (Shot Put) combined for four points this weekend.

The margin of victory? Four points.

Jumps have always been a staple of Florida’s schedule and this weekend they were extra special.

Florida scored 38 points in the women’s horizontal jumps, including a gold medal sweep of Jasmine Moore.

The Grand Prairie, Texas native became the third woman in SEC history to win 4-for-4 conference titles in the long jump and triple jump in the same calendar year.

The other two, Shara Proctor (2010) and Yanis David (2019), were also Gators.

Claire Bryant won bronze in the long jump and Natricia Hooper won silver in the triple jump.

Anna Hall also had four points in the long jump.

A week after winning the USATF heptathlon title, Hall won a silver medal in the 400mH to match his performance in the long jump.

vanessa watson also took four points in the 400mH.

In total, the Florida women won 10 medals, four individual titles and brought home the team trophy to Gainesville.

It was a fast day on the track for the Florida men who finished in 4and place with 78 points.

The 4×100 team of Dedrick Vanover, Tyler Davis, P.J. Austin and Joseph Fahnbulleh proved once again that this is the team to beat in the event.

The quartet of sprinters from Florida blew out the field in 38.66 to claim the SEC title.

The Gators were one of five teams to cross the line and the only team in under 39 seconds. Every 4×100 relay completed for Florida this season has gone under the 39-second mark.

Florida went 1-3-5 in the 400 yards behind Champion Allison gold medal in 44.74.

Allison swept the SEC titles in the quarter mile of the indoor and outdoor season and moved up to No. 3 in school history with his personal best in the Finals.

Jacory Patterson won bronze in 45.12 while Ryan Willie took fifth place in 45.69.

Vanover (100 metres) and Fahnbulleh (200 metres) each won silver in their respective events against a host of talented sprinters.

Sam Austin (800 meters), Jonathan Miller (triple jump) and Edouard Shelikoff (Discus) each added to Florida’s point total on Saturday.

To close out the weekend, Florida’s 4×400 relay team finally clinched gold.

After missing out on the SEC title during the indoor season by 0.02 seconds and being unable to field a full-fledged foursome at the NCAA Indoor Championships, the Gators finally got what was theirs.

Patterson’s team, Willie, Jacob Miley and Allison opened the track in 2:59.44, breaking the meet and setup record and winning the gold medal.

Their mark also means that this group has posted two of the five fastest times in college history.

Florida will now turn to the NCAA East Preliminaries in two weeks. This meeting serves as a qualifier for the NCAA outdoor championships in June.

Saturday point scorers:
Dedrick Vanover: 100 Meters : 2n/a (8)
Sasha Wells: 100 hurdles : 7and (2)
Talitha Digg: 200 Meters : 3rd (6)
Joseph Fahnbulleh: 200 Meters : 2n/a (8)
Talitha Digg: 400 Meters : 4and (5)
Allison Champion: 400 Meters : 1st (ten)
Jacory Patterson: 400 Meters : 3rd (6)
Ryan Willie: 400 Meters : 5and (4)
Anna Hall: 400 hurdles : 2n/a (8)
vanessa watson: 400 hurdles : 5and (4)
Imogen Barrett: 800 Meters : 1st (ten)
Gabrielle Wilkinson: 800 Meters : 3rd (6)
Sam Austin: 800 Meters : 8and (1)
Imogen Barrett: 1500 Meters : 5and (4)
Parker Valby: 5000 Meters : 2n/a (8)
– Florida Men: 4×100 Relay: 1st (ten)
– Florida Men: 4×400 Relay: 1st (ten)
– Florida Women: 4×400 Relay: 5and (4)
Jasmine Moore: Triple jump : 1st (ten)
Natricia Hooper: Triple jump : 2n/a (8)
Jonathan Miller: Triple jump : 8and (1)
Edouard Shelikoff: Disc : 6and (3)

Men’s team score (final)
1. Arkansas: 120
2. Alabama: 114
3.Tennessee: 83

4. Florida: 78
5. Georgia: 75

Women’s team score (final)

1. Florida: 107
2. Arkansas: 103
3. LSU: 96.5
4. Kentucky: 85
5.Texas A&M: 74

A full list of results for the Gators is below.


Saturday, May 14: SEC Outdoor Championships
Event Place, Gators – Time/Mark | Remarks
Disc: Finale (W) 9. Thea Jensen: 50.15m/164-06 | Personal Best
Triple jump: Final (F) 1. Jasmine Moore: 14.46m/47-5.25 (+2.5) | Gold medal, personal best all conditions
2. Natricia Hooper: 13.74m/45-1 (+1.7) | Silver medal
11. Alissa Braxton: 12.56m/41-2.5 (+2.2)
Disc: Final (M) 6. Edouard Shelikoff: 56.40m/185-0
Triple jump: Final (M) 8. Jonathan Miller: 15.41m/50-6.75
9. Michael Holloway II: 15.27m/50-1.25
4×100 Relay: Final (M) 1. Florida: 38.66 | Installation record, gold medal
Dedrick Vanover, Tyler Davis, P.J. Austin, Joseph Fahnbulleh
1500 meters: Final (F) 5. Imogen Barrett: 4:14.79
1500 meters: Final (M) 11. Matthew Mule: 3:52.47
100 mH: Final (W) 7. Sasha Wells: 13.75
DNF. Grace Stark
110 mH: Final (M) DNF. Caleb Foster
400 meters: final (W) 4. Talitha Digg: 51.24 | best season
400 meters: final (M) 1. Allison Champion: 44.74 | Gold Medal, School Record, Personal Best, School History No. 3, NCAA No. 2
3. Jacory Patterson: 45.12 | Bronze medal, best season
5. Ryan Willie: 45.69
100 meters: final (F) DNS. Grace Stark
100 meters: final (M) 2. Dedrick Vanover: 10.10 (+0.6) | Silver medal, personal best
800 meters: final (W) 1. Imogen Barrett: 2:01.42 | Gold medal, personal best
3. Gabrielle Wilkinson: 2:02.73 | Bronze medal, best season
800 meters: Final (M) 8. Sam Austin: 1:47.87 | Personal Best
400 hurdles: final (F) 2. Anna Hall: 55.36 | Silver medal
5. vanessa watson: 56.84
200 meters: final (F) 3. Talitha Digg: 22.64 (+0.2) | Bronze Medal, Personal Best, School History #2
200 meters: final (M) 2. Joseph Fahnbulleh: 20.13 (+0.3) | Silver medal
5000 meters: Final (F) 2. Parker Valby: 15:32.41 | Silver Medal, School Record, Personal Best, No. 12 NCAA
DNS. Pamela O’Brien
DNS. Vasileia Spyrou
5000 meters: Final (M) 16. Nick Deal: 14:31.63
21. Ethan Geiger: 14:39.00
4×400 Relay: Final (F) 5. Florida: 3:26.85
Taylor Manson, Sterling Lester, Doneisha Anderson, Talitha Digg
4×400 Relay: Final (M) 1. Florida: 2:59.44 | Gold medal, encounter record, installation record
Jacory Patterson, Ryan Willie, Jacob Miley, Allison Champion


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