For my first golf date, how can I dress on a budget? What should a good warm-up look like? Your questions, answers


Welcome back to the Women’s Mailbag, where we answer questions from our female readership. If you have a question you would like answered, you can drop it here. Is it for our female readers? Yes. But guys, if you submit a good question, we won’t ignore you.

Today we are talking about golf dates and warm-ups.

Intellectually, I understand the value of a good warm-up before playing. In practice, I don’t know what an effective warm-up looks like. To help. – Alice, New Jersey

This warm-up sequence that LPGA Tour pro Gaby Lopez shared with us is a great place to start. She is now a winner on tour. In this piece, she goes over the moves you need to properly warm up your body. Do it regularly and you will see the results on the course.

Also, a note on bad shots in a warm-up: There’s a piece of advice I received as a junior golfer that I’ve stuck to. It might also help you think about your warm-up. We were at Public Links (a USGA playoff that no longer exists) in 2004 in Virginia. My mom had qualified, so our family made it a trip. The last match was Yani Tseng against defending champion Michelle Wie. (A pretty good match in hindsight: Michelle has now won one major, and Yani, five.)

We were standing behind the range, watching them warm up. Yani ended up hitting a few drives. She hit which was honestly pretty bad, put her driver in her bag and went to the tee. My mother underlined the moment. The lesson was something like this: Your last shot on the shooting range doesn’t have to be good. Don’t put that unnecessary pressure on yourself and don’t freak out if you hit a bad one. The range is simply to warm up your body.

Yani won the event.

A guy I started dating invited me to play golf at his club. I have been to the range but never a private club. I don’t want to spend a ton of money on an outfit that I might not wear anymore, but I want to look like a golfer. What’s a cute, inexpensive outfit I can get so I don’t look out of place? – Kate, California.

I like a good golf date. There are a ton of fantastic golf apparel options for women, but I don’t want to spend $100 on a golf skirt if you’re not sure golf is your thing yet. Let’s build an outfit for under $100.

A former professional golfer, Andia Winslow, introduced me to the Old Navy line of activewear for inexpensive essentials. They have an athletic skort that’s on sale right now for $15.

If you prefer shorts, these Athleta shorts were my favorite last summer. They’re long enough to be suitable for golf, but I’ve worn them off-course a lot too. These are great hiking shorts. With Athletica’s 20% off promotion, they’re $48. I think they are worth it because they are so versatile.

For a top, here are some options around the $50 mark.


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