Freitag produces multi-purpose bag from fabric from discarded airbags


Dezeen Showroom: Zurich-based bag manufacturer Freitag has designed the F707 Stratos, a lightweight, foldable backpack made from discarded truck airbags and tarpaulins.

The F707 Stratos backpack, which was shortlisted in the portable design category of the Dezeen Awards 2022, can be folded for easy transport and can also be used as a shoulder bag thanks to an additional strap.

The airbag fabric was originally intended for use in a truck, but failed a safety test and was rejected as a B material.

The F707 Stratos can be unfolded from its tarpaulin pocket

The brand decided to give this textile a second chance while taking advantage of the initial function of the airbag, to be foldable, and keeping its original tones: white, pale blue and light pink.

“Just like an airbag in a car, the airbag material B we used should be able to unfold like a backpack,” the brand said.

Photograph of three people carrying the F707 STRATOS bag in three different ways
The bag can be worn as a handbag, a shoulder bag and a backpack

The bag can be folded into a tarpaulin pocket normally used for trucks. Freitag has used tarpaulin and other repurposed materials for previous accessories, but the F707 Stratos is the first bag in which it has used airbag textile as the main material.

“We’re generally quite familiar with recyclable street materials – truck tarps, car seat belts and bicycle inner tubes are some of our most important hardware components,” the brand said.

“However, dealing with the airbag textile was not easy at first, as we had hardly any experience with this material.”

The brand has kept the original tones of the airbag: white, light pink and light blue

Other shortlisted products in the wearable design category of the Dezeen Awards 2022 include a collection of watches made from recycled coffee by Lilienthal Lifestyle GmbH and Elvie Stride, a breast pump that aims to make breastfeeding a simple solution for the women.

Product: F707 STRATOS
Mark: FREITAG laboratory. ag
Contact: [email protected]

The photography is by Simon Habegger.

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