From day to night: what to wear this fall


It’s hard to wake up to go to class. Knowing what to wear can be even more difficult. Over the seasons and eras, styles and looks adapt. Students have a myriad of cuts that they wear on campus.

All in all, chic comfort is a hot pick for college students this fall. Whether hungover, tired, or just looking for comfort, college students normalize pajamas as everyday pants, paired with sneakers, or dressed up with loafers.

Charlotte Baker ’24 said loafers are the comeback of Gen Z in 2022. “So many loafers paired with all kinds of outfits – leather jackets, simple colors like blue jeans and white tops, moments of sexy vest.”

Vests are also back. Worried about your style when it’s cold? Wear vests, leggings and cardigans to stay warm and add dimension to your outfit. These pieces also add personality to an outfit while providing coverage in these dropping New England temperatures.

Seemingly unusual shoes are another popular way to add personality to your street style. “Slip-on clogs are easy,” said David Li ’25. “While they might be weird and ugly, they’re wacky in a good way. They make a more boring outfit quirky and show personal style.

Savings is also an economical way to develop a fashion touch. “Thrift allows people to find more unique and durable pieces,” Li explained. “Fast fashion, like Urban Outfitters and Shein, has killed style. These brands create trends instead of asking consumers to create trends and orient themselves towards it. »

Maybe Shein should learn from Baker, who curated her college clothes with impulse shopping online. “I strive to serve academically-but-I-just-had-sex,” she said. “Juicy prints, not-my-grandpa’s big bulky leather jacket, boots made for stomping and a milkmaid’s son. This is my fall vibe.

Li, on the other hand, prefers “an edgy look. Instead of the delicate New England, preppy, Lily Pulizter vibe, I want to see work pants, a wife beater, chunky oxfords and a big denim jacket giving Brokeback Mountain.“Swap your romper for overalls and shoes that complement your aesthetic.

Around campus, Li noticed that “people are exploring fashion outside of comfort zones and gender norms, experimenting with women’s wear on a man and men’s wear on a woman, blending the line between gendered fashion Women wearing men’s outerwear, loose silhouettes, etc. are very fashionable.

Brooke Stanford ’25 said “loose pants” are in this season and have been for a few years since skinny jeans were canceled. These baggy jeans include distressed, clean, ripped, and cropped styles.

Even baggy, are jeans too stiff? Sweatpants, leggings and sweatshirts are more often chosen as reliable basics that ensure a comfortable walk to class. Mimi Koenig ’25 is faithful to the “quarter zip”. More formal than a sweatshirt, but not yet a full sweater, this functional item should be in everyone’s closet.

When you’re rushing from the physics labs to a punchy event, ditch the quarter-zip, but keep the backpack — it’s the hottest new accessory. Small accessories and everyday items have also evolved. “I’ve noticed more men are wearing earrings,” Li says. Additionally, he praises the “in-ear headphone culture.” Maybe take off the headphones to pack a punch, but there are plenty of ways to dress up your problematic attire. Chunky jewelry, patterned socks, bright belts, and complicated hairstyles can elevate an outfit.

Eliza Kimball ’25 selects pieces that are “unironically a 50s housewife,” that go well from day to night. Pair a more conservative dress with jewelry, brightly colored shoes and a matching lip to add a bit of boyish fun. Big statement pieces are all the rage. Bright florals, shiny and sumptuous knits and sequins contrast well with tailored suit pants, baggy pants and silky silhouettes to bring the outdoors into ordinary life. Add chunky boots, ballet flats or chunky sneakers to complete the look.

In the end, we all have our own styles! Wear what makes you happy and confident. If you look good, you feel good.

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