Gamecocks looking for equipment for the women’s basketball championship


The USC women’s basketball team won the national championship. Now fans are on the hunt for the newest clothes.

COLUMBIA, SC — On Sunday, the University of South Carolina women’s basketball team won the NCAA women’s basketball national championship. Now fans are looking to celebrate victory with National Championship gear.

So where can you get your “chic” gear?

Palmetto Shirt Company in Colombia prints and ships championship jerseys. Palmetto Shirt COO Tori Roper says the company makes about 72 shirts per hour.

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“We are currently in the process of printing jerseys to celebrate the Women’s National Basketball Championship,” Roper said. “We have already placed a whole bunch of orders for adults. We have just printed shirts for children. These are available in our storefront for anyone who wants them, but throughout the day we will continue to receive orders pretty much all day and these will be continually fulfilled.”

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Right off the press and in boxes, the shirts are either picked up or delivered to businesses to be sold.

“I just want something that says ‘championship’ on it, ‘Champions’, just something to commemorate something that happened during my time at school,” said USC student Nathan Bakko.

With only 72 shirts available at the Addams University bookstore in Columbia on Monday, Gamecocks ‘FAMS’ crowded around a rack of shirts.

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Bakko told News 19 that her goal was to find clothes to show her love and support for the USC women’s basketball team.

“Dawn calls us ‘FAM’ and I feel like we’re close,” Bakku said. “I love supporting women’s sport. So anything that commemorates that event is what I’m looking for.”

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Bakko’s friend Jack Veltri said he agreed and was looking for clothing items for the national champions.

“I don’t care what color it is – garnet, black, white, yellow – honestly, I go with anything,” Veltri said. “How often does that happen? You just have to go all out, honestly.”

Many stores in the capital are expected to receive their shipments of National Championship clothing within the week.

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