GWEICH focuses on new middle-class families in Southeast Asia to create a healthy home environment


Jakarta, Indonesia, August 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the rapid development of South East Asia the economy, more and more new middle-class families are putting forward higher demands on the quality of life at home. The New Middle Class Families South East Asia eagerly awaited the emergence of totally clean and easy-to-use smart products to improve their quality of life.

New appliance brand GWEICH has an in-depth knowledge of the needs of Southeast Asian consumers. GWEICH series of smart home vacuum cleaner is expected to officially enter Southeast Asia market in August this year with its advanced bionic science and technology and humanized experience design.

GWEICH Smart Home Vacuum Series
GWEICH Smart Home Vacuum Series

Cleaning Demand Upgrade Innovative Technology

With the increasing enrichment of modern domestic life, such as fitness, cooking, entertainment and reception, more and more new middle-class women South East Asia start paying attention to invisible dust in the home environment.

The GWEICH lab has found that allergens such as particles and dust mites in the air come not only from everyday living spaces such as carpets, sofas and mattresses, but also from most common household vacuum cleaners. Traditional household vacuum cleaners will produce dust in the cleaning process, and these imperceptible small dusts will not only aggravate indoor air pollution, but also easily induce various human diseases and pose a threat to people’s health.

Weichel Gellerfounder of GWEICH, said, “With the increasingly diverse development of new lifestyles of middle-class households, cleaning is no longer limited to the surface, but more attention is paid to the effect of deep cleaning.GWEICH adopts the suction principle (bionic cleaning technology), combined with the whole machine sealing and 7 filtration system, which can effectively absorb and filter micro dust and allergens , and genuinely reduce secondary pollution in the cleaning process.”

American Free Life Multi-Scene Care

GWEICH smart home vacuum cleaner series accessories disassembly drawing
GWEICH smart home vacuum cleaner series accessories disassembly drawing

The daily cleaning of new bourgeois families covers many aspects, such as the floor, heights, corners and gaps, all of which must be thoroughly cleaned. Based on new middle-class women’s constant pursuit of “high-quality life”, GWEICH is committed to providing all women who want to free themselves from household chores with a pleasant and efficient home experience through design. humanized.

GWEICH cordless vacuum cleaner equipped with multiple suction heads and accessories can thoroughly clean every corner of the house and improve cleaning efficiency:

  • Electric floor brush with soft fur: protects the floor and easily removes dirt
  • Space cleaning suction head: clean the dust in the corner, suitable for a variety of dead corners.
  • Wide-mouth soft wool dual-use suction head: adjustable and telescopic, suitable for cleaning various surfaces
  • Super long bracket and light body: easy cleaning of furniture tops and ceiling
  • Front LED lamp: no blind area for cleaning

As an advocate of a free lifestyle, GWEICH creates a quality life for new middle-class families in South East Asia through advanced technology, and realizes the dream of a comfortable American middle-class lifestyle of more users.

GWEICH, the essential for a free lifestyle.

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