#HighTeaWithBNS: Highlights from the BNS Women’s Month Closing Conversations


Yesterday, BNStyle organized a one-of-a-kind intimate event titled “High Tea with BellaNaija style“as a landmark event to end the BellaNaija Style Woman Month 2022 Activities!

A big part of the event was about generating impact through conversations and the key discussion focused on a trending topic, “The Importance of Collaboration and Promoting Community Growth”, led by the Manager content from BellaNaija Style, Mary Edoro.

We kicked off the event with introductory icebreakers to connect all guests from various fields. It was a great opportunity for people who didn’t know each other to make meaningful connections. We discussed the pros and cons of entrepreneurship, working in a company, and the need to keep learning no matter what career path you take.

Adedoyin Somuyiwathe founder of the accessories brand Raennatalked about some of her key experiences from previous jobs that made her a stronger entrepreneur and helped her develop skills such as salary structure, staff welfare, inventory, etc. . Creative Director of KISARA Eki Ogunbor also joined the conversation, sharing that his time at BellaNaija Style was positive and how that experience was instrumental in helping him succeed as an entrepreneur.

The conversation has shifted to the buzzword “Women at the service of women” as Julien Ojo, COO of BellaNaija, kicked off the discussion with a different perspective. She explained how the term can sometimes be overly flagellated and how people can try to mask negative attitudes and abysmal habits while being “pro-women”. Pan-African Strategy and Communications Professional Lehle Balde added that everyone should aspire to be good. According to her, a buzzword is not enough;

Getting up and doing things for another woman is paramount. This is how we can effectively support women.

Sandra Tubobereni, Creative Director of an acclaimed fashion house TUBE, came in a different light when she attributed part of her career success to being helped, led and uplifted by women. She added that she strongly believes in the power of relationships between women, such as BNS Women’s Month, which inspires and inspires women to work together and uplift each other.

To close the conversation, Mary Edoro spoke about the need to push for women’s collaboration, to be on the lookout for other women close to us, to be willing to reach out and help, and to remember to to be good people in all circles in which we find ourselves. It is for these reasons and many more that we have organized BellaNaija Style Woman Month – to promote positivity and provide a platform for these key points around the growth of women in our industries.

Last year, in the wake of the pandemic, the BellaNaija Style Woman Month closing event was held virtually with a live concert featuring DJ Lambo. This year’s physical event was a step in the right direction to connect the stakeholders, talkers and leading African women who were part of this year’s activities.

None of the guests or speakers were inadvertently selected. The BellaNaija Style platform boasts of a large audience populated by women of various ages, this event was an opportunity to bring everyone together to drive community growth and development.

Stay tuned as we bring you all the must-see moments from this event. You can follow the event with the hashtag #HighTeaWithBNS


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