How to Buy Amazon Aware 2022 Eco-Friendly Clothing Launch


In the past, shopping sustainably often meant you were limited to browsing thrift store shelves or scouring the internet for eco-friendly brands in your price range. But fortunately, we live in 2022, where there are so many more options-including (drum roll please) Amazon. Yes, the online retailer just announced its new brand Amazon Conscious—a private label that offers everything from household essentials to beauty products to (my favorite!) everyday clothing.

Think: comfy loungewear, chic basics like t-shirts and jeans, and even activewear. Basically, it’s an entire capsule wardrobe that you can order with Prime shipping. Even better? Almost all items are available in sizes XXS to 7X (and 0 to 40 in denim). Plus, prices range from $18 to $59, so you don’t have to worry ~too much~ about your budget.

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Of course the the biggest the focus of this launch is that the items are certified carbon neutral and made with at least 50% recycled materials, in line with company standards. Climate-friendly commitment. ICYMI, Amazon launched the program in 2020 to let consumers know that what they are buying meets a high eco-standard, which is endorsed by reputable third-party organizations such as Global Organic Textile Standardand Ecologo.

Shop our brand favorites below, or take a full look at the new Amazon Aware collection here. No shade at Kermit, but it’s actually East kinda easy to be green.

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