How to pull off the monochrome fashion trend


One obvious benefit of monochromatic dressing is that it makes building an outfit easier. When your outfit is one color, you look neater without having to try harder. Luckily, you can still take advantage of these benefits and be fashionable if you’re a little more shy than those opting for an all-shiny purple ensemble.

An easy way to flip the monochromatic trend in a subtle way is to opt for a neutral color. Choosing colors like beige, gray or even the tried and true black will give you that coordinated look without being too bold. You might not be inclined to choose a beige piece to pair with another color lest it look too blah, but when you rock an all-beige cut, you can make a real statement (via In the style).

Another easy and not too intimidating way to rock this trend is to pair a jumpsuit or dress with accessories of the same color. Pairing a red coat and red bag with your red dress instead of going for a neutral is fun and effortlessly chic without having to match multiple pieces. It’s even apt to go all-monochrome with your loungewear (via Cosmopolitan). Grab a cardigan, a tee, and a pair of sweatpants that are all the same shade, and you can easily go from a messy outfit to a cute ensemble for working from home or a cozy night in.


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