I’m 47 – trolls tell older women to dress their age but everyone says I look flawless in a tight halter dress


HOW you dress says a lot about your personality.

Your clothes can reveal whether you’re shy, confident, playful, or serious, so it’s important to wear what makes you feel the most like yourself.


A 47-year-old woman said she often hears people say that women should dress according to their ageCredit: TikTok/ _julianaa74
She don't care to follow this rule


She don’t care to follow this ruleCredit: TikTok/ _julianaa74

A woman named Juliana Milton, who passes @_julianaa74 on TikTok, said she ignored the unspoken rules that dictate how women her age should dress.

In a video, she revealed she was 47 and played a voiceover that said, “When people say older women should dress, look and act their age.”

She looked at the camera confused, questioning that statement.

Then she said the words to the next voiceover which said, “We don’t care.”

I'm a size XS and my friend is a 1X - we tried on the same sets of sportswear
I'm 49 and trolls tell me to dress my age - I just want to show off my body

In order to silence the haters, she then posed confidently in a marble print bodycon dress that accentuated her large chest, small waist and curvy hips.

Juliana then turned around to show the back of her dress, which was completely open except for the part that covered her buttocks.

Her butt looked lifted and toned in the tight midi.

She finished the look with high heels, big earrings and her hair in a high ponytail.

Ignoring the expectation of an almost 50-year-old woman hiding her body, Juliana danced to the song that played.

Commentators applauded his attitude:

“A nice glass of wine right there,” one wrote, referring to how he’s aged.

“You are amazing. Wear what you feel good in,” added another.

“You make 47 af look good,” chimed in a third.

She likes to show skin


She likes to show skinCredit: TikTok/ _julianaa74

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