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Jenna Lyons is back in the design world with a collection for Mejuri made for International Women’s Day.

The former creative director of J. Crew and the millennial, direct-to-consumer jeweler have collaborated on two signet ring designs and a chain they can be strung on. Prices range from $125 for a vermeil ring to $595 for the 14-karat version. The collection will be available for sale on February 21, with $5 from each sale donated to Mejuri’s Empowerment Fund.

Although Lyon has taken a long break from product-focused fashion design, she said she’s been busy. “I don’t feel like I left! I may not work directly in fashion, but every project I work on right now is design driven,” Lyons told WWD.

She continued, “Launching my false eyelash brand LoveSeen was a labor of love. I painstakingly worked on the design and development of the lashes themselves – the packaging, the voice and the image. I’m also working on a hotel project in the Bahamas, which has been incredibly hands-on and deeply creative. Developing the HBO MAX show, “Stylish with Jenna Lyons,” was also one of the most creative projects I’ve experienced. I’ve also designed a line of furniture for Roll & Hill and.…I’ve worked on the Expert, an interior design platform that allows clients to book time with you for an hour at a time : everything from complete projects to help work through a furniture arrangement.

Lyons said working with Mejuri, after hearing about the brand from her goddaughter, “has just been an overall incredible partnership. I’ve never really heard young women say how much they love a jewelry brand: in particular, high jewelry [until Mejuri].

She believes the company has initiated a bigger paradigm shift. “Culturally we are told that a man is supposed to buy you diamonds – that jewelry is a gift – but the founders of Mejuri wanted to make fine jewelry specifically designed for women to buy themselves,” said Lyons. “They wanted women to feel like the store was made for them. Designed for them. Price for them. Showed how they could wear the jewelry every day. They’ve made it their mission to promote and support women — and they’re showing up.

Lyons also plays in Mejuri’s International Women’s Day collection to coincide with the launch of her designs. She is featured alongside Tommy Dorfman, Allyson Felix and Noor Tagouri with photos captured by Cass Bird.

“When we were talking about casting for this project, we discussed working with Tommy Dorfman. There was no hesitation in working with a trans woman. It’s one thing to say you’re ‘inclusive’, it’s another to really show yourself. I am so proud to work with the Mejuri team. And believe me, I’m not an easy critic,” Lyons said of the campaign experience.

Mejuri Co-Founder and CEO Noura Sakkijha said of the fundraiser and campaign, “My goal is for us to continue to raise the bar and work with our community to see how we can really make a difference. difference for them. Engaging with them and hearing what they want from us is the only way to change our celebration of International Women’s Day.

So, are any other top-notch design collaborations on the brand’s horizon? “Absolutely,” said Sakkijha. “We built the brand on empowering women and redefining the jewelry industry, and because of that, we want to tell stories about others who have done the same, providing space and a platform to our community and the women who support the brand as much as possible.”

Speaking of Lyons’ beauty project, LoveSeen – the cruelty-free false eyelash range has expanded. A brand extension called Featherlift entered Target stores this week. Packaging components are either biodegradable or made from post-consumer recycled materials. The brand’s assortment at Target includes 15 storage units, 12 lash styles and three accessories, priced from $15.99 to $29.49.

“I learned a lot from my previous life about listening to your customer and getting feedback, and the feedback we get is interesting, it’s not just eyelashes,” Lyons said, adding that sustainability had surfaced in the most recent business conversations.

The brand was not immune to the pandemic-induced headwinds in cosmetics, but Lyons is encouraged by consumer behavior online, where it is also keeping tabs on consumer feedback. “We’ve had a lot of amazing moments and wins, and it’s also been really tough. We started the business in the middle of a pandemic, when people were canceling weddings and not going on dates. There was less motivation to primp,” she said.

“There are all kinds of things that we really pay attention to and we really let the customer give us feedback in the world of Instagram and TikTok where people contact you directly. I never had that as an option,” she added.

However, part of raising awareness for his brand was going brick and mortar. “You never really know what you’re looking at online and what a product really is, especially if you’re a new brand,” Lyons said. “The landscape of how people shop is different, and I think it’s important to look at something and hold it in your hand. Being in person was a huge thing for us.

Lyons expects her lashes to appeal universally and be marketed to men and women, for example. “It’s amazing to me how many people tell themselves they can’t do something until they try it,” she said. “I was probably sitting on the same side of that coin before, but partly because I hadn’t found anything on the market that really worked for me.”

Tommy Dorfman in Mejuri by Jenna Lyons.
Cass Bird/Mejuri


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