Jessica Korda just became FootJoy’s first head-to-toe player | Golf equipment: clubs, balls, bags


FootJoy has announced an exclusive multi-year contract with Jessica Korda, currently ranked 14th in the world. She will be the brand’s first player to wear women’s clothing on the course, which means you can expect to see Korda in golf clothes, hats, gloves and, of course, shoes.
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“I spend a lot of time figuring out what shoes and clothes are best for my game,” Korda said in a press release. “Working with a company that is solely focused on the game of golf is an incredible benefit. They really understand my needs as a player.

Prior to the announcement, Korda has been involved with the FJ team, testing products and trying out different shoes and materials, which she enjoys wearing on and off the course. She has been seen in FJ parts starting in March at the JTBC Classic presented by Barbasol and most recently when she finished second in the Chevron Championship.

“My swing is so feel driven and it honestly goes from my feet up where I can notice things like firmness or softness in the ground. [is] and can detect any breaks in the greens,” Korda said. “That’s where the shooting process starts for me, and then I make my decisions from there. That’s why shoes are such an important piece of equipment for me.

Given the close attention Korda places on the style and feel of its golf attire, the partnership should inspire future collaborations between Korda and the respected brand. Korda reportedly worked closely with FootJoy to create a capsule wardrobe that meets his clothing and sports needs, while also playing a more editorial role, providing input and ideas during FJ’s development phase based on her experiences as one of the best female golfers and athletes. globally today.

“It’s so great to work with this amazing team,” Korda said, “and there are so many options, it’s one of the coolest things. It’s not just a shoe for every type of player.

Expect to see Korda don her new yarns at the US Women’s Open next week.


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