Juhi Parmar wins the Women Iconza Award 2022 for being an iconic entrepreneur in the digital sector


March 19, 2022 6:56 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India], March 19 (ANI/Target Media): Juhi Parmar, founder of Cosmifie LLP and young digital marketer, has already set an example by becoming a successful entrepreneur in a technology sector considered to be predominantly male. Juhi’s expertise and contribution in the field of digitization was once again recognized when she was recently awarded at the prestigious Iconza Women’s Awards 2022 for being “India’s Iconic Digitization Entrepreneur “.
The award ceremony was held on March 3, 2022, MG Motor India, Mumbai and was attended by eminent dignitaries from various fields. The guest of honor was a well-known social worker and popular leader Ruta Jeetendra Awhad and a famous film and television actress, Pooja Gor. The case was held to honor the unstoppable women of our society and was prompted by applause from The Times.
There is a growing trend of women becoming involved in business, taking on a more influential role. And the technology sector is no exception. Juhi Parmar is an up-and-coming female entrepreneur who has not only entered the digital industry with her first venture, but has also served as a support system for more female entrepreneurs to bring their business online and help them gain sales.
Speaking at the event with all her entrepreneurial spirit, Juhi said, “In the world of digitalization, everything is possible with just a click and therefore it is crucial for everyone to adapt digital marketing skills to grow their business. This becomes more essential for business women who want to balance their family and professional life. My Cosmifie team and I are always ready to support our clients, especially budding women entrepreneurs for their start-ups. ups, offering them various financing options and strategies. We try to put the financing in place for them, while working on a strong digital presence and guiding customers towards growth.”

The businesswoman then credited her success to her mother, Ragini Parmar, who is also an entrepreneur and partner of Cosmifie LLP, her sister who was her main support, his fiancée Akshat Arora and her in-laws.
Doing business, especially in our time, is not easy. Given the challenges of limited household purchasing power, an unstable economy, restrictions on operating hours, transportation difficulties and many others, it takes a new generation of innovation and disruptive thinking to s take the cake of the market, especially for a start-up. company that may lack the two most important pillars of business – finance and marketing. A company like Cosmifie not only offers a plethora of digital marketing services ranging from strategy to website and social media development that work on brand positioning. They help companies to establish a connection with the market and create a global presence, but also to start the process by establishing a solid financial base for these new entrants. And all for a reasonable fee.
Juhi Parmar is a confident and skilled female entrepreneur who knows that despite growing social awareness, female entrepreneurs still have to struggle. She and her team are focused and plan to support other women entrepreneurs with their expert services to facilitate their work so that they can fully focus on their core business.
His journey to success is quite inspiring. She was clear about her goal from the start. She mastered her skills to acclimatize to the digital marketing industry and let her passion and interest pave the way for her career. She first joined a small digital agency. However, due to unsatisfactory salary and work assignments, she called him and started working as a freelancer, which got her the chance to work with big brands. Confidence motivated her to launch her digital marketing consultancy – Cosmifie LLP. Website: www.cosmifie.com
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