Julianne Moore, 61, Has Epic Legs In See-Through Dress, Bodysuit In Photos

  • Julianne Moore totally rocked the 2022 Venice Film Festival red carpet in a totally sheer dress and bodysuit.
  • The actress, 61, kept busy showing off just how toned her legs are.
  • Julianne loves doing yoga and she tries to incorporate it at least four to five times a week.

Julianne Moore is absolutely delivery on the Venice Film Festival red carpet this week, and the internet can’t get enough of her long, toned legs.

The actress, 61, wore a see-through Valentino dress and topped it off with Cartier diamonds. She was just sparkling as she slid across the carpet. Julianne’s sheer black outfit also included an epic sequined cape that really tied it all together. Her red hair was tied up in a fancy bun, and all I can say is fuck it, girl.

Julianne even posted a photo of her Venice look on Instagram. “Opening Night ❤️”, she captioned the photo.

His comments section was, predictably, filled to the brim with praise. Actress Leslie Mann commented “😮😍😍” and Naomi Watts wrote “🙌🙌 glorious 🔥🔥🔥”. Halle Berry just dropped a ton of fire emojis. Yes, that sums it up well!

Julianne Moore on the 2022 Venice Film Festival red carpet.

Andreas Rentz//Getty Images

After exposing those epically sculpted legs, everyone wants to know what Julianne does to stay so strong.

For one thing, she loves to do yoga. Julianne said she tries to fit the practice into her routine at least four or five times a week, for The temperature. This yoga practice has become particularly important during the pandemic, and Julianne said it really saved her.

Julianna said women’s health from which she takes yoga The Shala on line. “It’s been consistent and been great for me,” she said. “Any kind of massage like lymphatic draining massage is great. I feel so energized afterwards and later in the night I’m so tired.

Julianne also spoke to Women’s Health about her favorite beauty and skincare hacks. One of the most important was also the simplest: SPF.

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“The most important number one is sunscreen; starting at a young age makes such a big difference,” she said W.H.. “My mom was a redhead and growing up there wasn’t a lot of sunscreen: you would go outside, get sunburned and forget about it. I used a FPS Olay for fifteen years, but any moisturizer with an SPF is great.

Excuse me while I stock up on sunscreen. Keep killing him, Julianne!


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