Madonna Has Epic Legs And Butt In Fishnets In Music Video

  • Madonna is all over the place strong in a new YouTube music video, showing off her sculpted legs and toned booty for her fans.
  • The 64-year-old pop star wears a bodysuit with fishnets and epic boots in the video.
  • Madonna follows a macrobiotic diet and works hard to stay strong as she ages.

Madonna loves an iconic kiss. Should I remind you of the 2003 VMAs? Well, now she’s back with some hotter kisses in her new music video for the 2005 banger remix “Hung Up,” but this time she’s collaborating with 26-year-old Dominican rapper Tokischa.

May the Queen of Pop never end her reign, because Madonna is totally murderous and loud as ever as she dances in the video.

Madonna, 64, wears a pair of fishnets and sky-high boots in the video which shows her toned AF legs and booty as she and Tokischa dance through a crowd and a convenience store.

The “Hung Up on Tokischa” remix is ​​the latest in a series of dance remixes from Madonna’s catalog, and if you haven’t already, I highly recommend diving down the Spotify rabbit hole.

Back to Madge’s look: If there’s a fashion risk to be taken, she goes for it in this video. Discolored eyebrows? Check. Fingerless gloves? Obviously. A silk boxer paired with a corset? You better believe it. Sculpted loot? Still. And she pulls off this strong look because she is Madonna, of course.

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Madonna – Hung Up on Tokischa (Official Music Video)

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She also dropped a few snaps on her IG Story that showcase her sculpted legs:

madonna instagram story photo legs fishnets boots legs buttocks

Madonna on her Instagram story.


Madonna has come to realize in recent years that it becomes harder to keep her body strong as she gets older.

In 2019, Madonna said Life and Style Magazine she has done many different workouts at different times in her life, including circuit training, aerobics, dance, interval training, ballet, Pilates, and jogging. Phew! “I’ve always danced and exercised,” she told the magazine. “I like to keep things interesting, to shock my body.”

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Madonna has been practicing ashtanga yoga since the 90s. It involves moving the body quickly through balancing sequences, according to the magazine.

When it comes to her nutrition, Madonna follows the macrobiotic diet, women’s health australia reported. This diet is mainly vegetarianalthough it may include vegan meals and emphasizes the consumption of whole fruits and vegetables.

Whatever you do, it’s clearly working, Madonna!


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