Madonna Parties in Disco Heels and Pink Hair for ‘Paper’ Magazine – Footwear News


Madonna took New York by storm this month, as seen in the four covers of Paper August digital issue of the magazine.

As shared on her Instagram, the Queen of Pop danced and posed in a range of grunge-meets-glam outfits. The cover finds her dressed in an oversized hot pink t-shirt, black cropped top and shorts adorned with sparkling crystal fringe and black mittens.

Others feature her wearing a black cutout bra and distressed gray tank top over paint-splattered white shorts, with a black mesh corset and pink latex armbands. All are teamed with a hot pink wig and black fishnet tights, as well as layered diamond necklaces, bracelets and hoop earrings, styled by Eyob Yohannes.

In the attached editorial shot by Ricardo Gomes, the interpreter of “Music” also wears a sheer black t-shirt under a buttoned leather mini dress, fitted with a leopard print belt. All of her sets come paired with a mix of the previously mentioned accessories, including sets of red and leopard print fingerless gloves. Each shot finds her in an array of situations, waving fans, dancing and kissing an array of NYC nightlife performers including Akeem, Miss Madeline, Andrew Darnell, The Dragon Sisters, The Dupont Twins, Merlot, Pauli Cakes and Omar Love.

Madonna’s shoes were also ready for the party: a towering set of shiny silver platform sandals. Her leather pair featured chunky soles with toe and ankle strap tops, complemented by 5-6 inch block heels. The pair created a dramatic finish to their outfits, befitting the equally dramatic event.

While speaking with writer Patrik Sandberg and producer Nile Rodgers in the accompanying interview, Madonna discusses a range of topics, including the popularity of her music today, its themes and its sense of irony in as an artist. She has also shared the importance of empowering women through her music and her career.

“Because I think when the women were making great dance records, I feel like in the beginning when the songs and the melodies are really strong and the singers are really good, they don’t weren’t really invested in making women think, ‘Wow, I don’t have to live in a man’s world, living under the male gaze for the rest of my life. I can look at life in a different way and not settling in. I can have my own voice and my own vision,” she says. “So that was a big part of it.”

When it comes to footwear, Madonna’s styles are often bold and revolutionary. Muse of designers including Christian Louboutin, the “Material Girl” singer often wears peep-toe and platform pumps on the red carpet, as well as daring thigh-high boots. Its performance sets typically feature boots with shorter heels in knee-high or above-the-knee silhouettes. When off duty, the singer typically wears flat-soled leather boots, as well as Nike and Puma sneakers.

Discover Madonna’s style evolution over the decades in the gallery.


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