Man accused of taking pictures of women in public and commercial locker rooms


TULSA, Okla. (Gray News) – Oklahoma police have arrested and charged a man they say was found taking pictures of women in locker rooms and stores.

Authorities said he also installed a camera in the bathroom of his home.

According to Tulsa Police DepartmentDaniel Toy was arrested and charged with five counts of Peeping Tom with photographic or electronic equipment.

Tulsa Police Department officers responded to a call from a Target store regarding a possible “Peeping Tom”.

A victim told officers that someone had put a mobile phone under the changing room door while she was trying on clothes. The victim said he then confronted the suspect, whom police later identified as Toy. She said he quickly entered the dressing room next to her and tried to close the door.

The victim allegedly told Toy to give him the phone and show him the photos after he got in his way.

She said Toy told her “No” and noticed the phone was still on.

She reportedly started screaming for help and attracted another witness, who saw Toy and said he was frantically deleting photos from his phone.

Toy reportedly left the store and officers were able to quickly identify him from there.

Authorities said police department detectives issued a search warrant at Toy’s home and collected evidence inside. His electronic devices were also seized and examined.

Detectives said they found videos showing Toy setting up a hidden camera in his guest bathroom and recovered several videos taken by the hidden camera of women using the bathroom.

Police said they also found footage of more than 40 other people stripping naked at retail stores across Tulsa.

Detectives said they also located footage showing Toy following and taking photos of random women in public while shopping, with the photos spanning from August 2021 to March this year.

The police department said it wants the public to be aware of these types of cases around Tulsa.

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