Mayweather vs Moore purse: How much money each fighter will make for their Saturday exhibition bout


Mayweather Promotion$ will host a PPV on LIVENow on Saturday, May 14. The PPV is called The Showcase in the Skies because it will take place on the helipad atop the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. There’s a four-fight card that includes a women’s super featherweight bout, a cruiserweight match, and two exhibitions. The main event of the evening is an exhibition which will feature Floyd Mayweather and Don Moore. The main card is scheduled to start at 2 p.m. ET. The PPV is advertised as being available worldwide, which means the revenue from the PPV is expected to be very high.

The payouts for the fight have yet to be officially released, but we can make some predictions based on Mayweather’s recent showings. Each fighter will earn a fixed purse and then earn a percentage of the PPV sales. Mayweather’s typical purse is $10 million, while his competitor is usually pegged at $1 million. He is expected to earn 80% of the PPV revenue, leaving the remaining 20% ​​to Moore. Projections for this fight estimate that Mayweather will earn over $50 million from PPV sales, and Moore could expect between $6 million and $10 million.

It should be noted that he earned $9 million for a last minute exhibition fight in Japan against kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa. It wasn’t as planned as that, so it probably won’t be a great composition.

We’ll update this article when the official numbers are released.


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