Paranoid bricklayer hit his girlfriend with a shoe and dictated which way she was walking her dog


Mason Andrew Hillier has been convicted of a series of offenses against two women, including coercive control and racially aggravated assault.

The 37-year-old, from Highfield Road, Allerton Bywater, had started the first relationship in October 2020 and moved in with the woman in January 2021.

It turned sour after he took cash and his bank card without authorisation, prosecutor Lauren Hemsley told Leeds Crown Court.

Andrew Hillier was imprisoned for offenses against two women.

When she ended the relationship, Hillier continued to “bombard” her with messages on WhatsApp and Snapchat, three of which police deemed threatening or obscene.

On one occasion, the woman noticed that her car had been pushed, but blamed it on youths. However, Hillier then sent a voicemail, singing, “How do you like your eggs in the morning?”

When questioned by police, he admitted he was bitter about the breakup and that he had sent the messages, but denied they were malicious.

While serving a seven-month prison sentence for attacking police officers, he began a relationship with a second woman in February this year. He was released a month later and moved in with her.

The court heard that in May it deteriorated into a controlling relationship with Hillier repeatedly accusing her of cheating on him.

He kept her from seeing friends and told her which way to walk her pet, paranoid that she was having an affair with a neighbor.

He threw a phone in her eyes on one occasion and racially assaulted her.

Following an argument, he also drove at 100mph with her in the car and threatened to crash and kill them both.

On July 27, he became angry when she was late to pick him up from work and became violent, hitting her over the head with a shoe and throwing a mirror at her.

Neighbors heard the screams and called the police, but Hillier claimed he was the victim.

He was found guilty of racially aggravated harassment, racially aggravated assault and coercive control after a trial. He admitted three counts of sending malicious messages to the first partner.

The court heard that he had previous convictions for harassment and violence.

Mitigating, Glenn Parsons said Hillier witnessed his friend’s murder when he was younger, which affected him.

He said: “He found it very difficult to trust people and he accepts that he has become somewhat controlling.

“He is worried about his loved ones and where they are, and it has escalated.

“That feeling of needing control and where people have become warped. It’s recognized that he needs help.”

Leeds Recorder Judge Guy Kearl KC sentenced Hillier to 38 months in prison.

He told her, “You are 37 and old enough to know better.

“There was a campaign from you against her (the first wife), bombarding her with messages.”

Referring to the second victim, he added: “You started controlling her life, you racially assaulted her and it was persistent and repeated.”


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