Patriotism is in the thing, it’s tricolor everywhere


HYDERABAD: The city’s couture got a facelift with the big Independence Day celebrations. He is Tricolor everywhere, from the crowded interiors of countless apparel and accessories showrooms to smart roadside vendors.

The stores are adorned with the Tricolore, as fashion designers explore a new hue of patriotism in their on-trend clothing line. Even the demand for tricolor accessories has increased as Independence Day approaches.

Alka Manaoj, a city-based fashion designer, who sensed the demand for Tricolor outfits, has imagined a collection of clothes especially for this Independence Day. “There has been a great demand for tricolor sarees and dresses, women’s traditional tops and bottoms with national flag designs, men’s vests and kurtas. This year, most people will be dressed in traditional clothes in the colors of the national flag,” he said.

Mohammed Zubair, of Khaja Bangles and Jewelers, Lad Bazaar, Charminar, said: “The 75e Independence Day, we imagined tricolor accessories, the colors we used are those of the Indian flag. For 10 days, there has been a strong demand for these accessories. The bracelets in this market are world famous, and now women are choosing tricolor bracelets as Independence Day approaches.


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