Play with the gear from the PUMA training collection



PUMA is known for its sleek and classic sneakers, but the brand that started with revolutionary running shoes is returning to its athletic roots with new training collections. PUMA offers dedicated sports collections perfect for running or training outdoors, pushing boundaries in the gym or practicing yoga. Shoes aren’t the only stellar performance product; the workout section offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for daily gym, yoga or general fitness needs. PUMA training equipment and training equipment put you in control of your training with cutting-edge technology. And it’s not all about performance; collaborations with brands such as GOOP, Liberty and First Mile ensure you look great while working hard. Because strength is in style.

Turn heads and achieve new feats with the PUMA Training Collection. Here are some of the brand’s top picks for gear and clothing:

Women’s training and gym

You will find something for everyone in the PUMA collection of sportswear for women. From the latest high-tech training shoes to leggings, tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies and more, check out these hot items.

PUMA x GOOP Women’s Training Track Top ($ 79.99;

The Women’s Training Tracksuit Top is a prime example of PUMA’s innovative fabric application. Moisture wicking is essential to keeping you comfortable and dry throughout your workout. Add GOOP’s impeccable style and you’ve got a winner.

PUMA x FIRST MILE High Rise 7/8 Women’s Training Leggings ($ 44.99;

The best thing about leggings? Comfort. PUMA understands this; its leggings feature ultra-stretch elastic belts, breathable mesh inserts and flat seams for freedom of movement. These bad boys are also ultra functional; they have integrated pockets.

PUMA x LIBERTY Forever Luxe Women’s Workout Tank ($ 39.99;

Beware of workouts: PUMA workout t-shirts and tank tops are ready to rock. They come in a variety of fits, from ultra relaxed to slim and contoured like the Forever Luxe Training Tank. Go for classic colors, bold prints or feminine floral accents from fashion favorite Liberty.

Pro Daily Training Backpack ($ 44.99;

PUMA is not just clothes and shoes; there is also a lot of equipment for grinding. Backpacks, shopping bags, duffel bags and shopping bags complete the range of sportswear. The Pro Daily training backpack is a top choice, thanks to its stylish functionality. There is plenty of space for workout essentials and a separate secure compartment for valuables.

Men’s training and gym

Reach your training goals with the latest training shoes and clothing from the PUMA collection for men.

FUSE Training Shoes ($ 90;

PUMA training shoes are designed to increase your level of performance to the maximum. FUSE styling offers premium cushioning and PUMAGRIP traction to step up your workouts. Whether you choose an understated silhouette or a chunky, powerful pair, PUMA shoes will help you reach and exceed your next fitness goal. Available in five colors, including intense blue and eye-catching future blue.

PUMA x FIRST MILE FT Men’s Training Pants ($ 44.99;

Repeat, rest, repeat. PUMA’s innovative men’s training pants keep you cool during your workout and warm during your recovery. The lightweight and durable PUMA x FIRST MILE training pants are the perfect blend of performance and functionality. Winter training is a snap with thermal insulation. Bonus: You’ll feel great wearing clothes made from recycled materials.

CLOUDSPUN BND Men’s Short Sleeve Training T-Shirt ($ 29.99;

The perfect base layer, the PUMA CLOUDSPUN BND Training T-Shirt features an ergonomic fit to keep you moving with ease. Moisture-wicking PUMA fabric helps keep you comfortable and dry during workouts. Pull on a trendy training jacket and you’re ready to hit your goals and set new ones… in style.

Everyone needs a little boost with winter training, and PUMA’s top-notch performance gear can provide that extra motivation. PUMA has the training clothes, accessories and equipment you need to achieve your goals and look great.


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