Rejina Pyo redefines the active woman’s wardrobe for SS23


Rejina Pyo’s eponymous label has always been about creating clothes that women really want to wear. And this season, the Korean designer thought about workwear – specifically what workwear will look like in 2022. Inspired by a quote from Tolstoy – “You can live beautifully in this world if you know how to work and love” – ​​Pyo “wanted to explore what love and work mean to women today, embracing their femininity, individuality and confidence, and breaking rules, norms and expectations”.

After giving birth to her second child last year, the designer was particularly mindful of the different types of work that women do. “Having [another] baby really made me think about the expectations that [are placed upon] women,” she says. vogue. “I thought it would be interesting if we could create a collection for women who are mothers, daughters, anyone with family responsibilities; working women balancing love and care for their family, whatever form that might take.

While many may still associate work with working in the office (say one like London’s HYLO skyscraper, where the show took place), the cast of Pyo this season – who again featured members of his own inner circle creative, from an artist to a filmmaker and a journalist – represented all different types of working women. “It could be a flex-time mum working from home, or a woman working in town, where you’re always expected to wear a full outfit. [face of] make-up and prominent monochromatic colors”, continues the designer.

On the catwalk, this all translates into loose fits and leather trench coats that one could easily imagine in a modern office. But there are also bolder pieces, from sheer blouses and lace skirts to a knitted lime green dress that doesn’t quite close – reflecting women’s desire to be able to express themselves freely, no matter what. they do. “It’s an encouragement to really appreciate who we are, to be ourselves — we don’t really have to behave or dress like we’re expected to be at work,” Pyo says.

Allowing women to dress however they want was also the philosophy behind one of the designer’s most famous silhouettes: the Spring/Summer 2017 Greta dress. themselves. It feels good – it’s powerful, embracing femininity but not in a feminine way,” she comments. “I like to perpetuate this spirit but show it with a different vocabulary; this season, it is more stripped and close to the body.


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