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FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Berry Good Buys, the women’s and children’s resale store at Tarrant County’s largest domestic violence emergency shelter has closed after being robbed.

Proceeds from sales at the store support Tarrant County SafeHaven. SafeHaven customers can shop in the store at no cost, whether they need furniture for their new apartment, clothes for an interview, or just shoes for their children after running away from home in the middle of the night.

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Calling the burglary “significant”, the nonprofit also said the burglars damaged property.

While the investigation of the crime continues, all in-kind donations can be made to 1424 Hemphill St. in Fort Worth, Mon – Fri: 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The organization operates two emergency shelters in Tarrant County and offers a wide variety of other programs and services for people in abusive relationships.

SafeHaven said in October that intimate partner homicides reached the highest number on record in Tarrant County. The results were shared in the organization’s second annual death review, which consisted of data from SafeHaven, the Tarrant County District Attorney, JPS Hospital Systems, local police departments and other collaborating organizations.

According to the report, 17 victims died at the hands of their intimate partner in 2020, more than double the previous year.

“The numbers were very high,” said Kathryn Jacobs, President and CEO of SafeHaven.

Domestic violence cases and services have been hit hard by the pandemic, according to Jacobs. She said outside factors like pandemic, unemployment or drug addiction don’t cause domestic violence, but they can make it worse.

“They can be triggers in a relationship that is already dealing with issues of power and control,” Jacobs said. “For much of 2020 we were all pretty isolated. We weren’t going to church, we weren’t going to the grocery store, we weren’t going to work in an office. And so, the victims were stuck at home with their attackers. It took them a lot of hard work to figure out how to stay safe. “

Leaving an abuser doesn’t always mean safety either.

Of the 17 intimate partner homicides in 2020, 12 cases involved couples dating. Five were married. According to the report, the majority of relationships had actually ended before the murder.

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The most dangerous time in an abusive relationship is usually when it ends and within three months.

“It’s really important to understand that the victims are doing what’s safest for them at the time,” Jacobs said. “Leaving is a process. It’s not a decision that comes at three in the morning, spontaneously out of nowhere.

This review of deaths revealed that the youngest intimate partner homicide victim was 21 and the oldest was 67.

Nine were shot.

“What this means is that if you own a gun and are a domestic violence abuser, the risk of that relationship ending in homicide increases,” Jacobs said.

Advocates say one of the most heartbreaking things to come out of this report is that none of the victims used a domestic violence hotline, shelter or other social support service before their deaths. .

“I think when people don’t come to us, it’s for one of two reasons,” Jacobs said. “First, they didn’t know we existed. Or two, they weren’t in a safe enough place where they could end a relationship safely.

The SafeHaven Domestic Violence Hotline number is 877-701-7233.


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