Residents find KKK flyers in their driveways


DESOTO COUNTY, Mississippi (WMC) — Glorianne Winter was driving home from the grocery store at noon on Sunday, and as she pulled into her driveway on Tulane Road in the Nesbit community of DeSoto County, someone flagged her down.

“My neighbor across the street was trying to talk to me and he showed me where he moved on the grass,” Winter said.

The “it” that Winter refers to is a strange plastic bag that she originally thought was a trash can.

There were rocks inside to keep it weighted down, and something else, a flyer for the Ku Klux Klan, saying “Save our land. Join the old glory.

“Now when they say ‘our’ they’re not talking about all of us. They talk about white people,” Winter said. “I was so appalled and I was so livid.”

We learned that this was not an isolated incident. Dozens of homes up and down Tulane and Nesbit Road, a mix of races, had these bags.

Winter, who is white, said she felt bad for her black neighbors.

“I’m quite appalled,” she said. “Think of how they feel with the persecution they have endured for all these years, and there it is in their driveway.”

“I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Willie Ann Smith.

Smith grew up just down the street from Winter’s home.

She now lives in Southaven but returned to her mum on Sunday as soon as she heard what was in the driveway.

When we spoke to him late Sunday afternoon, his family had not touched the bag.

He was just sitting there.

“Will they come back? Are they going to do anything other than just throw this in our driveway? Smith said.

On the back of the flyer was a typewritten statement titled “White and Proud!”

“I don’t see how they think that would persuade anyone to do something that wasn’t already there mentally,” Winter said.

“We believe very strongly now that while it may seem small, this matter needs to be investigated before it blows up,” said Pastor Robert Tipton, president of the DeSoto County chapter of the NAACP.

The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office says, “Obviously, we don’t condone this behavior, but it’s not a criminal act. Until the person(s) enters someone’s property, there is nothing the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department can do.

Tipton hopes this raises awareness for the county to recognize any future activity.

“Racism is one of those things that needs to be eliminated before we can grow as a people,” Tipton said.

“Maybe we need to come together and become like some sort of neighborhood watch or at least…we already look out for each other, the ones we know. That’s the kind of place you find here, says Winter.

Winter said a friend contacted her on Sunday, saying their East Hernando neighborhood also received those same flyers.

Winter said she loves her neighborhood and hopes her feelings for the area aren’t “tarnished” by this instance.

For now, she said there was definitely a bad vibe at Nesbit.

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