Sailor Moon & Vans Apparel is your chance to become a Sailor Scout


Vans has announced a new Sailor Moon collaboration, resulting in a collection of apparel, accessories and footwear featuring the iconic heroine.

A new collection from Vans is a must-see for Sailor Moon Fans. The collaboration’s shoes and apparel allow fans of the hit manga to channel their inner Sailor Scouts. These new accessories, shoes and clothing will allow fans to punish enemies in the name of the moon.

Over the years, Vans has had many collaborations. The company’s latest is not the first to be based on a hit manga series, however. In 2019, the company produced a collection inspired by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: golden wind. Now there will be another manga/anime inspired collection, and it’s full of magical patterns.

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On Twitter, Vans shared a brief overview of this Sailor Moon collection and later shared a closer look at the company’s site, This collection celebrates the hit anime and manga, which began publishing in 1991. Just over thirty years later, fans can purchase ComfyCush Slip-Ons, other matching shoes, backpacks , t-shirts and many other items. This collaboration includes the iconic Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask and Luna and Artemis. Even members of the Dark Kingdom make an appearance, bringing Sailor Moon’s first enemies into fans’ wardrobes.

Some inclusions in this Sailor Moon collaboration are Sk8-Hi Stacked, Authentics, La Costa Slide-Ons, and Old Skool Patchworks, among others. All ages are invited to enjoy this amazing news Sailor Moon collection. There are options for women, men and children. Fans will also be able to customize their shoes with three new prints. Sailor Moon’s iconic uniform is inspired by a BFF Crew Fleece, featuring Vans’ traditional checkerboard pattern. The same applies to a backpack comprising Luna, Usagi’s adorable partner. With so many options to choose from, fans will have plenty of opportunities to dress up like their favorite heroines and represent their fandom with pride.

As with many Vans offerings, the collection will also feature the company’s slogan, “On the wall.” According to the company’s website, a second capsule will be released in the future in partnership with Lizzie Armanto, professional skateboarder and Olympian. Sailor Moon has been inspiring fans for over three decades, so it’s wonderful to see the hit manga being celebrated with new merchandise. This collection is full of powerful magic and iconic friendships, proving just how impactful the series is and how widespread its influence is.

The presence of the Kingdom of Darkness is particularly remarkable in this collection. After all, the heroes can’t save the day if the villains don’t cause trouble, but it’s not often that Sailor Moon’s enemies get their due in terms of wares. Vans’ Sailor Moon collection featuring the Sailor Scouts goes on sale June 10.

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