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By Jennie Guido

Let’s continue shopping along Main Street and head to another block with even more retail options.

The 500 block of Main Street is one that has always been filled with retail businesses since the early 1940s. JCPenney was built on the corner of Main and Union streets in 1945 and made the space its department store until until it moved to the Natchez Mall after it was built in the 1980s. Across the street was another main Natchez store establishment – Brown Barnett Dixon’s. Its beautiful facade housed the best gifts and was every bride’s first stop when checking in.

Currently, this block is home to several retail spaces that offer fine selections of art, furnishings and clothing to locals and our many visitors. Just to name a few:

Shop Night, 505 Main Street

Opened in spring 2016, Soiree Boutique offers the best in women’s fashion and accessories. Originally owned by Gwen Massey, Soiree took on new ownership this year. Lily Roberts bought the business from Massey and continues in the same taste we all know.

I will say that the brands you find at Soiree are those sort of timeless pieces that you wear year after year and never go out of style. Many of my must-have wardrobe options are from Soiree, and I dread the day when I’ll have to take them out.

For special occasions or working from home, there is something for everyone at Soiree.

Olivina Shop, 514 Main Street

Originally found on Franklin Street, Olivina moved to Main Street in early 2022. Breathing new life into the Dixon Building, which was built in 1866, Sue and Olivia Pate (mother/daughter duo of all things Olivina ) have transformed the first floor of this beautifully renovated space to house a stunning selection of items.

Every time I visit Olivina I leave with a bag of treats. Earlier this month I stopped in for a birthday card and left with peppermint tea and a mug to match. Do I need another cup? No, but I wanted to.

That’s what you find at Olivina – things you want and things you didn’t realize you needed. Don’t even tempt me on vacation. The decorating options she keeps in store are amazing and must be taken home with me.

It’s a space like no other in town!

Natchez Art and Framing Gallery, 518 Main Street

Recently celebrating its fifteenth year of operation, Natchez Fine Framing and Art Gallery finds its home next to the original JCPenney building.

As one of the newest custom frame shops in Natchez, Chris Cavette offers a wide selection of options for your artwork as well as artwork to choose from.

Another thing I love about Natchez Fine Framing is that they offer art classes every summer and some after-school programs for students ages 5-17. If you take a look at her Facebook page, you’ll see examples of what your kids will learn in Classify. Aimee and I have loved taking art classes every summer with different teachers around town.

Go ahead and reserve a space for your kids during their outing this summer. Your refrigerator will thank you!


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