Shoppers say these croc slides are the “most comfortable sandals”


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Whether you’re running errands, spending the day at the beach, or traveling, a good pair of comfy and comfortable sandals is a staple in everyone’s summer wardrobe. Although there are seemingly endless options available in stores, Nordstrom customers can’t help but rave about Crocs Slide sandalsmany calling them “the most comfortable sandals” they have ever worn.

Support slides are designed to conform to your feet and cradle your arches, making them comfortable enough for hours on your feet without feeling any aches or pains. Wearing the shoes “literally feels like walking on air,” one shopper said. As well as being incredibly lightweight, the rubber sandals also feature a sturdy sole for added traction, keeping you stable on wet or rough terrain. But what really sets the slides apart is the fact that they will keep your feet dry and cool all day long.

The straps of the sandals have the brand’s signature perforated design which not only increases airflow to the foot but also helps them dry quickly, making them a great option to wear to the beach, pool or even in a hotel or gym shower. The small holes can also be used to customize your slides with brand’s popular shoe charms for an extra dose of personal style. One reviewer complimented the shoe accessories, calling the sandals “so comfy” and said “adding the charms really made me love them more.”

unisex sandals are so popular that they have received over 1,000 five-star reviews from different types of buyers, including nurses who like to slip into them after being on their feet all day, as well as people with foot problems such as as bone spurs, high arches, or plantar fasciitis. “I had issues with fallen arches and plantar fasciitis, [and] these provide just the right amount of support,” one buyer wrote.

The simple silhouette of the slide makes them super easy to put on and take off, and shoppers say they love them so much they buy multiple colors. A reviewer who owns two pairs said he was “obsessed” with the comfy sandals, adding, “I have one pair that I only wear around the house as slippers and then one pair for everything else.”

There are five colors to choose from and unisex slides sizes range from women’s 6 to 15 and men’s 4 to 13. If you’re ready to try these out for yourself, now’s a great time to shop. Select color and size combinations are on sale for as little as $18 right now, and none top $30 a pair. No matter which style you choose, we have a feeling these are about to become your new go-to sandal.


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