‘Stop judging a woman on hemlines and necklines’: Samantha Ruth Prabhu writes a powerful note after her red carpet appearance


Samantha Ruth Prabhu Saturday wrote a note explaining how women are easily judged for the dress they wear, the race they belong to or even their complexion. She asked people to focus on “improving” themselves instead of commenting on women based on their hemlines and necklines.

“As a woman, I have first-hand knowledge of what it means to be judged. We judge women based on what they wear, race, education, social status, appearance, their complexion and the list goes on and on.Making snap judgments about a person based simply on the clothes they wear is literally the easiest thing to do.

“Now that we are in 2022, can we finally stop judging a woman by the hemlines and necklines she adorns and instead focus on improving ourselves? Turn that judgment inward and outward. “training on yourself is evolution. Projecting our ideals onto someone else has never done anyone any good. Let’s gently rewrite the way we measure and understand a person,” Samanthathe note read.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu shared this on her Instagram Stories. (Photo: Samantha Ruth Prabhu/Instagram)

Samantha’s post came days after she made a stunning appearance at an award ceremony in Mumbai where she wore a bottle green dress.

Samantha is not the only one to have been judged for her costumes. Deepika Padukone, during Gehraiyaan promotions, had to face something similar. Earlier this year, influencer Freddy Birdy poked fun at the actor’s clothes during Gehraiyaan promotions. Freddy had shared a post on Instagram, which read: “Newton’s Law of Bollywood. Clothing will become smaller as Gehraiyyan’s release date approaches. Part of the caption read, “The necklines and hemlines are Gehraiyaan. In a cryptic tweet that was widely taken as a response, Deepika wrote: “Scientists say the universe is made of protons, neutrons and electrons. They forgot to mention the morons.


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